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The Best From The Archives Of "The Journey Of Yuki" - Unhealthy Heterosexual Lifestyle: Pastor Ho Yeow Sun Makes Asian Sexy Good In The US.

Ah yes! The super sexy heterosexual lifestyle is so good and ever ready to be flaunted, even by a former pastor who is now a 37-year old hip swinging sensation!

This self proclaimed 'geisha' was a former pastor of City Harvest Church, Singapore (which she later vehemently denied, even though most Singaporeans seemed to have warmed up to her as a the 'singing pastor'. Yes dears, being heterosexual and flaunting it with your butt gives you a license to lie).

She and her husband, Reverend Dr Kong Hee, built an empire of a church:

Still, she is a hot heterosexual Christian cookie as she hollered out with a Asian Beyonce twist on da floor. And she even wants to get more sexier!

Better yet... City Harvest Church is promoting her name and albums!....

This is the video link. Gosh! I am speechless! I wish I could pull off those moves!

Here are some biography listings about her:

An interview with her with more of her pics is available at the next link. With these kinds of responses from her here, it is really difficult to believe she was once a shepard of a flock of tenths of thousands of members!

You see, heterosexuals are the superior sexual orientation (as proclaimed by Christians), so when nice homosexuals hold hands, it is a no no. But when you are a Christian and trained in a Bible college, you can revel in your hetero-SEXUALITY! It is a passport to sexiness freedom!

Yuki's choice reading:

These are the selection of reactions about Pastor Sun Ho @ Pastor Ho Yeow Sun from several blogsites in Singapore. We all can agree one thing. She is a bad example to young Christians, a hell of a worldly Christian and a shame to Christianity the religion.

But who cares, when you are living a heterosexual lifestyle!

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I dislike her to the max!!