Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unhealthy Heterosexual Lifestyle: New Bond Girl Gemma Arterton Had Sixth Finger Mutilated When Young.

Gemma Arterton, the latest Bond Girl, was born with six fingers.

But goodness me, the sixth was removed when she was a child!

Just whose extreme decision was this? Her? Her parents? Such differences should be accepted!

But then, she said here:

"It's my little oddity that I'm really proud of... It
makes me different...."

Then why remove it?! Because the parents wanted to impose their healthy child by creation of God to the heterosexual standard's five finger rule?! We all should live in all integrity and openess, even with six fingers!

And puh-leez, just as people accuse transsexuals of mutilating their abnormal growth between their legs, is this not also a form of mutilation? Why not just accept everyone the way they are and be proud of them for it?

Look closely at the great diversity God have given to us. There are so many types of six-y fingers!

There is the small, cute one by the side:

And there is the macho fully grown six finger-oo!

Some even have their mighty toes to complement their fingers!

It is so very nice and sweet! Just think, you can count until 6!

Poor, poor, Gemma... Look at what incredible fun, and the life she is missing....

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