Monday, November 30, 2009

Islamophobia: The Reason.

You may need to translate this from Malay to English. This is an example as to why I have a phobia towards Islam, and most Islamic people. For some reason they take such extreme views on a simple medical condition, feels it is fitting to insult people and loves to rant away on subjects they know nothing about. Facts and science are ignored. Prejudice and bigotry stands for them.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Story On A Group Of Transsexual Sex Workers And Some Guy.

Harian Metro really have too much time in their hands. They really have nothing valid to report, so they have to fabricate sensationalizing news to sell their sorry piece of tabloid. Reading this piece in The Star’s English version of the Harian Metro article, any intelligent person would ask: So what is the point of the article, except to make transsexuals look like dastardly criminals?

A GROUP of transsexual sex workers in Chow Kit are using pornographic films to distract clients before robbing them, reported Harian Metro.

Members of the group would seduce the victim while another sex worker would try to steal belongings like wallets and handphones.

In a recent incident, a client known as Ping said he was asked to lie on the bed before choosing a free DVD pornographic movie to watch as a “warm-up”.

“The sex worker told me to take off my pants. It was then placed on a chair nearby,” said the 33-year-old chef.

Ping declined to elaborate on what happened next, but said he reached for his pants only to find that his handphone was missing from the pocket when he heard loud noises that sounded like a fight outside the room.

“I was even more surprised to find that my wallet, which was originally in my pocket, was moved to the top of the television set. Some RM400 was also gone,” he said.

After Ping repeatedly demanded the sex worker to return his valuables, she finally agreed to give them back, claiming that her friend had stolen them.

There are so many things wrong with this news piece I do not know where to start. For someone who can carry RM 400 in his wallet, it seems ridiculous that this “Ping”, would choose a transsexual female for companionship, rather than a Chinese female social escort or a female prostitute, which is all over Chow Kit. It is hard to believe.

And it mentioned that this is a group operation. So a person would book all the “members of the group” to be “seduced” by them all? This sounds like another piece of illogical crappy lie.

And of all the story on a transsexual “gang” that Harian Metro loves to report, one harmless sex worker was left all alone for this “Ping” to demand for his valuables back from her. Excuse me, where are the “GROUP of transsexual sex workers in Chow Kit”?

All this do not make sense, and seems like another blatant attempt to yet again demonize and misrepresent transsexuals. Nice piece of shit they reported.

Well, at least I must commend "The Star" that for once in this report, they called us "transsexuals" instead, and with the right pronouns.

Unfortunately, at the original source article at Harian Metro, these sotongs still love to call trans folk with deragatory labels like "pondan". The ignorance also breeds the stupidity of AsiaOne, who continues to call transgender people "transvestites". People often mentioned that the standard of news reporting in this region is not up to the mark. Well, we can thank these ignorant and prejudicial news sources for it. They have nothing to report but how "bad" we are.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Two Ignorant People And A Transgender Beauty Pageant.

The bitch that scarred the faces of trans people with her wagging shallow stereotypical tongue.

Nothing annoys me more than stupidity. I can still bear with ignorance, but when too much ignorance bear out the fruits of idiocy, I find that really unbearable. I already have to read idiotic articles written by stupid writers, but today I also have to contend with a sulking sore transvestite loser, Fonseka.

Mr. Golingai, the writer of the article "Roxanne walks on the wild side" within the Star article linked above, endlessly puts words into the mouth of the sulking trans person, but because of Fonseka’s own oximoronic behaviour, we might just as well believe it as the real words. But then again, we can see that Mr. Golingai is also totally ignorant about the differences between a transvesitite and a transsexual, as he explores the journey of a transvestite in a transsexual dominated pageant.

Oh, and he also sees cross-dressing as a fetish, a word he conveniently added into the article, among his other bad and atrocious representations like stating that "Pondan" and "Ah Kua" means transvestite. Excuse me, "Pondan" and "Ah Kua" are DEROGATARIVE terms that are used by some parties to describe transgenders. And Mr. Golingai seems obsessed with the word tranvestite. I do not mind people from Thailand using that term because of their weak English command, but for a so-called writer, he should at least know his English 101 better.

Then we have dear Fonseka sulking about the loss by splashing some of the most stupid and mind-boggling things ever said on the news. Dearie, please do remember that if you lay claim to represent us, please do not make us look like a bunch of total whores. Because that is what you have done. Contrary to your claims darling, most of us, though struggling and still fighting for civility, are surviving and living as normal as any other next person. Your smoking out on the community would not change that.

You are a transvestite, so do not complain. The other girls are transsexuals. They are happy with who they are. They are women, but born differently. They transition to fix that difference. You are a man. You are still proud of your dick. I am not proud of it. So do not call our transition ugly, get that into your head. I will still be a proud woman by 60 years of age. I am not so desperate as to lie to my parents in order to enter a beauty competition. I do not need to be sexy and beautiful, and plastic surgeries are just as normal as any cissexual woman would partake in. Hormones are to change and balance my sexual identity to my gender identity.

And having Gender Identity Disorder means I am looking at a whole life as a woman dependent on medication. I am made of sugar, and now adding spice. You are made up of nothing but clothes and make up. You are being one big bitch in making my transition experience, as many others, looking like a farce and a temporary fantasy. Stop the bunghole attitude, ok?

You lost the pageant fair and square. And by your willingness to get exploited by a stupid writer to get solicited attention, and by misinforming the public about transgenders, and your misrepresentations of a transsexual like me: You definitely deserve it. So go and stuff your RM 800 yellow dress up your ass. I am contented with my RM 10 top which I bought from SS2.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tears For Maine.

I feel so much pain today. I do not really know how to describe it. All I know is there are senior LGBT citizens out there that may have to go to their graves not being able to marry their loved ones. There are parents that could not share the joy of seeing their sons and daughters get hitched with their chosen ones that they love. There are gays and lesbians who can now clearly worry over whether they or their long term partners have the right to attend to any emergencies or even life and death situations. This has been a repeated pattern as I see it, and it happened once again when the imbecilic religious right of America again took away the rights of LGBT citizens to be united in love and all of its wondrous splendor.

I feel so ashamed to be associated with Christians more so now than ever before. I have seen a campaign spiked with hatred and bigotry. Most everything they say are pure lies, aiming to misinform people. They clearly misrepresented a sexual minority that just wants to love. Their arguments are nothing but a chalice of lies, fabrication and distortion. I have never seen such a dark side of Christianity so evil that is bent on invalidating the existence of human beings designated to love, just because they cannot tolerate the idea that homosexuality in the Bible is no longer homosexuality in real life today.

I shed tears for Maine, and take the fall with them. Simply because I know there are no justifications in denying people the need to love. They are not animals, or objects. They are grown adults who know very well who they are and who they wish to spend their lives with. There are also individuals who are also Christians who do not share the kind of idiocy these extremists brings. And there are non-Christians too who would never again see Christ the same way again after this. The atrocious false witnesses have won nothing but tears from people denied their destinies to love. They have won a simple vote of something that should not be put into vote in the first place. These fundamentalists won nothing but satisfaction, a claim to a false God they profess to worship. And LGBTS lost their futures with their love.

And I know tears will flow. Hugs will be given. Sorrow prevails. Great grief takes over. I do not know how to take any positives out of this situation. Perhaps, one day we shall look back on this day with disdain.

I have never seen such sorry excuse from humanity. Literally talking bad and shit about the innocent, while upholding nothing but a stupendous hierarchy. Blatant acts of inflicting hurt on people or such demonization of other people’s love relationships. I shall never see Christian faith the same way again.

Read other thoughts and feelings on the defeat in Maine at Good As You, and commentary from Jim Burroway of Box Turtle Bulletin about The Day After Election Day.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Transvestite Diva?!

This piece of news was on The Star today and sourced from The Daily Chili. I read this news today and I go, what?!

Japanese television host Haruna Ai, 37, is the new global transvestite diva.

She was crowned “Miss International Queen 2009” at the beauty pageant for transsexuals in Pattaya, Thailand over the weekend. (emphasis mine)

We can see here that the standard of vocabulary in Malaysia is exceptionally poor, especially when addressing transgenders, incredibly when transvestite and transsexual mean two totally different things.

And what is with the “transvestite diva” thingy? Do we call Miss Universe winners “slutty bimbos”?