Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tears For Maine.

I feel so much pain today. I do not really know how to describe it. All I know is there are senior LGBT citizens out there that may have to go to their graves not being able to marry their loved ones. There are parents that could not share the joy of seeing their sons and daughters get hitched with their chosen ones that they love. There are gays and lesbians who can now clearly worry over whether they or their long term partners have the right to attend to any emergencies or even life and death situations. This has been a repeated pattern as I see it, and it happened once again when the imbecilic religious right of America again took away the rights of LGBT citizens to be united in love and all of its wondrous splendor.

I feel so ashamed to be associated with Christians more so now than ever before. I have seen a campaign spiked with hatred and bigotry. Most everything they say are pure lies, aiming to misinform people. They clearly misrepresented a sexual minority that just wants to love. Their arguments are nothing but a chalice of lies, fabrication and distortion. I have never seen such a dark side of Christianity so evil that is bent on invalidating the existence of human beings designated to love, just because they cannot tolerate the idea that homosexuality in the Bible is no longer homosexuality in real life today.

I shed tears for Maine, and take the fall with them. Simply because I know there are no justifications in denying people the need to love. They are not animals, or objects. They are grown adults who know very well who they are and who they wish to spend their lives with. There are also individuals who are also Christians who do not share the kind of idiocy these extremists brings. And there are non-Christians too who would never again see Christ the same way again after this. The atrocious false witnesses have won nothing but tears from people denied their destinies to love. They have won a simple vote of something that should not be put into vote in the first place. These fundamentalists won nothing but satisfaction, a claim to a false God they profess to worship. And LGBTS lost their futures with their love.

And I know tears will flow. Hugs will be given. Sorrow prevails. Great grief takes over. I do not know how to take any positives out of this situation. Perhaps, one day we shall look back on this day with disdain.

I have never seen such sorry excuse from humanity. Literally talking bad and shit about the innocent, while upholding nothing but a stupendous hierarchy. Blatant acts of inflicting hurt on people or such demonization of other people’s love relationships. I shall never see Christian faith the same way again.

Read other thoughts and feelings on the defeat in Maine at Good As You, and commentary from Jim Burroway of Box Turtle Bulletin about The Day After Election Day.

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alan said...

I have blogfriends who have managed to go through all of this with their faith intact, knowing that it isn't all Christians who do these things; like so many others in this world, all get painted with a "wide brush".

My own thoughts I posted and drew a couple of very wonderful comments.

You are not alone in any of this, despited how far away you are. Despite the days like this, I wish you were here instead of where you are...perhaps selfish of me, but I'd worry less!