Monday, November 30, 2009

Islamophobia: The Reason.

You may need to translate this from Malay to English. This is an example as to why I have a phobia towards Islam, and most Islamic people. For some reason they take such extreme views on a simple medical condition, feels it is fitting to insult people and loves to rant away on subjects they know nothing about. Facts and science are ignored. Prejudice and bigotry stands for them.


Anonymous said...

It is true that it is not easy being a woman (don't even talk about being a transsexual) but that's because of people like them who uses their buttocks to think (that's is why they are so 'backwards' in terms of thinking).

What the post stated merely shows how bad they treat women and how ignorant they are towards science. They don't even know that transsexuals don't have ovaries.

Oh man... the human race has already advanced to eat with cutleries, but they are still eating with their hands. Really shows their brain development.

Mikayla Weighill said...

I agree, I read the article, it lacks fact, educated opinion and just about any shred of common sense. Even my 5 year old son gets the idea that I am trans and what is happening. I'd like to know just what the hell happened in this dimwits life to make him so stupid, was he dropped on his head.
Truth be told he probably is trans himself, but he figures that if he slams all of the other trans people them maybe he won't have to face it for himself

Chong said...

Hello, Ms. Yuki Choe

While it's true such hypocrites like that blogger keret mayat exist within religion, I personally think that blogger isn't even a Muslim.

He's not aware the way he wrote there is insulting to his own religion when he thinks he's walking along God's path.

When he says "Ingat best ke dalam hidup ni bila setiap bulan ada haid?" I feel like slapping him because he has also insulted my mum (in other words, insulting women)

Nevertheless, I may not fully understand you, but I do know how it feels when being in your shoes. I sincerely hope you could ignore that article (or anything similar to that). It's not worth the time in our life which is supposed to be filled with love.

As a Muslim convert myself, I can only honestly tell you, that blogger's perception is nowhere to be found in Islam's teaching, not even in scripture. He has twisted religion to fit his own belief.

Yuki Choe said...

@ Mikayla

Which is why I agree with someone who said; if Christ were to come back tomorrow, the church authorities would crucify him to the cross faster than the Romans did! Some people who profess their religion usually do not really know their God. It shows in their fruits, their character, the heart.

@ Chong

Thanks for your kind words. Actually my concern is that people like "kereta mayat", intentional or not, are hate-mongering against people who he does not understand, like me. It is such mentality that I have to at times face harassment and disturbances; and for some people like me, brutality and violence. There are a lot of insecure and confused people out there. What he is doing feeds to it, and instigates hate on us. :o(

Dima Marlina said...

Hello Yuki...

i sincerely hope your Islamophobia is based on individual...being a muslim myself, i'd be damned if i'm ever associated with Kereta Mayat and the many more like him out there.

i found his writing completely revolting. i was appalled by the way he describes & talks about women. completely disrespectful. and i believe his disagreement to transsexualism are shallow.

i'm not even going to pretend to know wht trans ppl go through, and neither am i pretending i know my religion though & through. but the way he says things are as if there is no place for the trans in religion, as if they have no right to call themselves muslims (if they are).

people like Kereta Mayat makes me wish i wasnt a malay-muslim said...

Male, stay being a male..
Female, stay being a female..
For the transsexuals..
Feeling like female is tolerable..
But, dressing and having sex like female (homosexual) is unacceptable..