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Puan Noriah Kasnon Shares About Getting Mak Nyahs Off The Streets.

We transgenders in Malaysia may have an unlikely friend sitting at Parliament proceedings in Women, Family and Community Development Ministry Deputy Minister, Puan Noriah Kasnon. Even though one of her core works is to get transgender sex workers off the streets, her efforts in helping them secure jobs and equipping them with work skills should not go unnoticed. However, there are some obstacles. She was at the Parliament yesterday. This was how it went:

WHY do lelaki lembut (effeminate men) become mak nyah (transvestites)?

This question was posed by Datuk Halimah Mohd Sadique (BN-Tenggara) to Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Noriah Kasnon in the Dewan Rakyat today.

Noriah said she did not have the answer because the ministry did not have a study on the matter. Besides, there has been no other study on the number of effeminate men who ended up being transvestites.

“I’m sorry we do not have the figure as this group (effeminate men) has yet to become our target group. And we have not made any study on this group. But InsyaAllah (God willing), we will try to look into this matter in future," Noriah said.

“Actually, I think, it all started from education at home. And also peer group interactions, the strong influence of today’s borderless technology as well as frustrations from past relations with the opposite sex."

Halimah also asked whether the ministry has failed in its rehabilitation programmes resulting in people in this situation going back to their previous activities even after going through rehabilitations.

To this, Noriah said the programmes for mak nyah were not a total failure.

“This group has a very low self-esteem. They are afraid to be approached and always worried about the social stigma that has never stopped against them," she said.

“It is difficult for them to quickly come back to the right path even with the help and social service support from our centres."

Noriah said although there is still a lot to be done, many of the mak nyah have realised their mistakes and started to take up classes to build up their skills such as
in sewing and handicraft, as well as working at the cosmetic sections in the shopping complexes.

She also lamented that the ministry did not get any support from the corporate sector and suggested that they take up the issue as a corporate social responsibility.

Earlier, Noriah told Dr Lo’ Lo’ Mohd Ghazali (PAS-Titiwangsa) the ministry provides social support to those in the community who need its help, including women who have gone astray, and mak nyah.

For girls below 18 exposed to or are involved in immoral sexual activities, the ministry provides protection in an institution called Taman Seri Puteri.

The Social Welfare Development also has allocated a launching grant of up to RM2,700 each for those interested to start small-time businesses, she said.

My hope is that Puan Noriah would take into consideration the latest biological evidences of mak nyahs to put into the equation rather than relying on dogmas about environmental causes, and know not all mak nyahs are transvestites, and also consider empowering while affirming the mak nyah community to move ahead in their lives. We are fortunate to have a leader like her.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yuki's Parodies: What What (In The Butt).

The Original... (My gay brothers, prepare to drool)

The Parody.... (South Park Style)


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Transphobication Of The Day # 1: Real Love Ministry.

Not content with calling me with the wrong pronouns, and also claiming I am an “instrument of the devil”, the very nice trans-bigoted couple Sister Edmund Smith (really a sister of mine! He calls himself Alicia in the comments! I really believe Sister Edmund is a closet transvestite.) and Brother Amuamanda Smith decided to drop by to Tilted World today to state their case against me. While posing as Edison Chong (the e-mail was recorded as Amuamanda’s. Really a brother!), He/She goes to this we love gays so much that they come to us automatically to change without force. Wow. That sounds so… duh!

Then Alicia (Sister Edmund in disguise according to the e-mail address, and with the same IP address as Brother Amuamanda’s post), delivered this shocking transphobic attack:

Yuki is a LIAR! I know that freak. Do not help him!!!

And that earns Real Love Ministry not only the title of “real true bull transphobics ministry”, they even earn spotlight on my new column: Transphobication Of The Day!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Realising How Jehovah’s Witnesses Made My Marriage Fall Apart.

I was informed by a friend in Australia prior to knowing my husband that he is an Ex-Jehovah’s Witness. I had long known about this cult, all the way back in the early 90s where in my church there was a study on deviant Christian religions such as the Moonies and the Mormons. I am well aware of the mind control and brainwashing that happens, and the effects that would last over a lifetime even with counseling and psychotherapy.

My husband did not leave on his own accord. As what he told me, he was dis-fellowshipped along with his wife then after 14 years with Kingdom Hall in Darwin. Which probably explains why he still hold to their teachings; from believing that Christ and the archangel Michael being the same person to always calling God by the name Jehovah. But I thought that it was not important, that our lives were of more importance.

The first time I met him at Australia he seemed a decent man. I did not mind him driving an old van or staying in an untidy house which is the only house around the area that do not have air-conditioning to beat the humid Darwin weather. I did not even mind his cerebral palsy ridden ex-wife is staying with us. As long as he loves me, I thought. And in a month we were supposed to marry. It was just 2 weeks when things started to happen.

After attempting to clean the floor with something harsh, the smell of the odour got me into a bad headache which resembled a sinus infection. The next day, I complained to my husband of not being well. Instead of letting me rest and with no regards to how I was feeling, he literally dragged me out of my bed and forced me into the van to go out. It is now I know that Jehovah’s Witnesses seemed to have a theocratic treatment towards women.

After my return to Malaysia heading towards my operation, he suddenly told me he is now a believer in Native American Indian religions. He is a firm believer in Hopi prophecies and began to believe in UFOs and ETs coming to earth. I have no problems with that, except that he chases after the “knowledge” like a new drug. He was obsessed with it, to the point he abandoned responsibility to many things, including me, his wife.

And his responses were so Jehovah’s Witnesses like. All my disapproval to him was interpreted by him as persecution. Every criticism by me was deemed by him as an insult. Every argument I had with him seemed to end with him blaming me for abuse. In fact I was really starting to blame myself, probably for my lack of time with him at Darwin - Australia, when I should have been with him. But true to a JW follower, he believed in the illusion that he is right.

When he decided to leave me in the lurch in Thailand, his stories just did not hold up. Reason for cancelling my operation was supposed to be financial difficulties. But he did not talk to me about it, instead he told the nurse that. And he told me he was cancelling it because I was “abusing” him. All this while telling everyone else I was “milking him for money.” He blamed me for giving me the operation, he blamed me for giving me money.

He was also confused with what he wants. He has yet to finish his book that was supposed to be published last year. A book that took 15 years to write and yet to finish. He told me he believed the end of the world was nigh. Now he believes aliens will save the day. He has become more conceited and righteous until he believes I am blind. His self-righteousness is so evident now. I found that out last August, when he announced our separation.

I am sorry I can’t help out with any advice regarding immigration. Vivienne and I split up. Some days before her operations were due she started to behave really strangely and I had to cancel for her own sake. But she also had some other very serious issues before this, that I was hoping we could deal with. Unfortunately they were too serious. I’m fine though. Resigned to being alone for the time being. No big. I wish you and Chris all the best. (emphasis mine)

Behaving really strangely? Cancelling the operation for my own sake? I had some very serious issues? He went on to imply in e-mail today that I insulted him and that I treated him as though he was stupid. And all I asked for was some money to support myself further because I am not in a good state with medical and financial issues. I have resisted myself asking for alimony from him even though I have a strong case. I still care for him.

After reading several sources about Jehovah’s Witnesses, I am starting to feel sorry for him. He did not have a good past, his childhood was nothing but a trip around Australia in a caravan with an overbearing mother and a drunkard father. Then his youth was entrapped within four walls he thought was home. He thinks he is happy and felt accepted by "friends". How to treat a girl right is far away from his dictionary, let alone how to be a husband.

The peculiar thing was that for a few times he actually admitted his days in the Jehovah’s Witnesses screwed him up, then changes his mind to silence. But even as a person obsessed with White Hopi prophecies, the retention of his values as a JW within him never went away. The quest for peace in this world. That secret place where there is no war. A hunger for fulfillment in life. It is unfortunate he is looking for it at the wrong places.

I married an actual Jehovah’s Witness man. That was a mistake. There is nothing I can do about it. The deep misogyny I experienced shall never be forgotten. He may even be reading this and hurl accusations of “insult” and “abuse”. But he can never escape this fact. He made promises worth life / death to his wife. He broke them 5 days before the biggest of promises. Also blame his wife for this and that. Then seeks approval from his “brothers”.

He is now with his ex-wife who is inflicted with Cerebral Palsy. The living conditions for her are horrendous, and I recall him talking as if he is the only sane carer in Australia, and is keeping her because of the fear she would be abused by other carers. Probably another self-righteous lie I guess. Actually, maybe this is the case. Cerebral Palsy women are easier to control for him. Smart and thinking women are too much for him to handle.

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The Best From The Archives Of "The Journey Of Yuki" - The Gay Agenda?

I peruse this with interest, this is a recent sermon presented by Mr Derek Hong. I have to summon enough respect for this man to call him Mr, because he sure do not bear fruits coming out of a Senior Pastor he hyped himself to be, I find him, at his age, even lesser than Mr:

The previews are here:

The audio for the entire sermon is available on this page:

Some commentaries are available here:

This man is from Church Of Our Saviour, Singapore, that runs Choices Ministry in affiliation with Exodus International.

Looking at the PDF file, I still could not understand the inability of Pastors to tell the truth, but in the end, preach lies and intolerance. I will comment on the PDF scripts only, because I know if I listen to his sermon I will feel nauseous.

For example, the blatant use of Genesis 19, clearly to neutrals is the story of attempted rape on angels. But it is amazing how intolerant eyes cannot see the events unfolding before the very passages.

Then there is the use of Leviticus. Is it not amazing that people present the Old Leviticus Laws, some that demands of people to be put to death in the most trivial of matters, example, Leviticus 20:9 (death to disobeying children), Leviticus 20:10 (death to unfaithful men), Leviticus 20: 18 (death to men having sex with women during period), as just by laws of that generation or culture, or even went as far as the laws were written for a specific community; but still homosexuals are cherry picked out of it as the only 'sin'?

Or the use of Paul's 'condemnation' of homosexuals as the prime weapon of intolerance; but totally forsaking the same letters that address the reduced role of women, african-americans, and slaves? Or translating the word 'arsenokoites', which means arsen (man) koites (bed), which can mean anything, to be translated as pervert by this 'pastor' who somehow forgot his theology? Or how about 1 Corinthians 6 about pagan idolatry, interpreted by them as homosexual lust? I wonder how would he preach 1 Corinthians 11 and 14 about women.

Then on part two he preaches the same junk science Edmund Smith always preaches about homosexuality being 'developed'. This is really getting frustrating, with again connotations of poor relationships with the parents of the same sex, child abuse... wow. This is really stupid. He then goes about the mantra of how 'change' is possible. SO what is change when the orientation is not? Is living a celibate life equivalent to a total change of orientation? As for testimonies, just how many of them are genuine men born normal but gay? He even cited Spitzer. Dr Spitzer himself had expressed disappointment that his research was taken out of context

This is where it gets repulsive when he begins to actually not preach about God as a so called pastor, but is advertising Choices Ministry's methods in the end. There is one line that got me shaking my head, 'Acceptance is not the same as approval', excuse me for my English, but acceptance IS about approval. If you accept food in your mouth means you approve of it! Mr Derek and his partner in crime Shawn Tay plays with words but ended up a two yelping dingos.

Lastly, they conceived in their ultra shallow minds, the gay agenda.

1) Strive for special rights for homosexuals, presenting themselves as equal to minority ethnic groups.

2) Governments to approve homosexual marriages and legal adoption of children.

(If you look at one and two, you would notice they are connected. Homosexuals are NOT given these rights, so what is so 'special' about having these rights that are equivalent to heterosexuals?)

3) Silence all parties (e.g., pro-family groups and religious institutions) who oppose their agenda.

4) Eradication of all help-groups (such as Choices) which seek to bring recovery to homosexuals.

(You would see, they are frightened out of their own skins of the truth. They are afraid that if people know the real deal about homosexuality, they have to close shop on their illegal recovery spa.)

5) Right to promote homosexuality as a viable alternative lifestyle through the education system.

(Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle... again I ask on behalf of people who are unfortunately born homosexual... WHAT lifestyle? Please take care of your own heterosexual 'lifestyles' before you question others....)

It is no wonder this church is considered the most anti-gay church in Singapore. The Gay Agenda? I would throw back a question at this bozo and ask him, in reference to these sermons, what is The Christian Agenda? Is it here? That a community oppressed be controlled? This is sick, really getting sick. Sometimes I wonder what happened to the Christ we all believed in. I can feel the cross shaking by the degree of worship of intolerance and religion shown by them.

Published in "The Journey Of Yuki" on Saturday, September 8, 2007

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