Sunday, October 26, 2008

National Fatwa Council Demonises Women, Tomboys And Lesbians With Latest Mindless Fatwa.

Not content with reducing almost all the transgender female population to forking out a living in supermarts and on the streets (and not being able to muster a single "fatwa" on the menacing mat rempits), the National Fatwa Council decided to make another grand entry into the annals of idiocy with another fatwa. The target of this regressive behaviour are the tomboys which are lumped together with those “indulging in homosexuality”. The ones that are most likely affected from this move would be Muslim transsexual males with those girls who act “manly” having short hair and wear pants. The full article here:

KOTA BARU: The National Fatwa Council has ruled that tomboyism, where a girl behaves or dresses in a boyish manner, is forbidden in Islam.

Its chairman Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said the decision was prompted by recent developments as there had been cases of young women inclined to behave like men and indulging in homosexuality.

Parents must stop their children from indulging in disruptive activities that are against Islamic teachings, he told reporters here yesterday. -Bernama-

His name is Dr. Abdul Shukor Husin (left pic). I really wonder where he got that “Dr” title from since he is so eager to condemn the group that holds the least risks of HIV/AIDS infection and are the most monogamous couplehood in the entire world. I would advice him to go back to high school and study on what “homosexuality” means as a sexual orientation since his knowledge is inconclusive. “Indulging in homosexuality”? What is actually is that? I thought it was decided that it means anal sex? Oh wait, some heterosexuals do it on the butt too. And the term is called anal sex, not homosexuality.

Anyway, if we go by Dr. Abdul Shukor’s distinguished English language revamp, he would mean lesbians indulging in anal sex. But excuse me, can the good “Dr.” Abdul, or the rest of his council members like the infamously transphobic and homophobic misogynist Perak Mufti Harussani Idris Zakaria (right pic), (Gosh, I am beginning to be ashamed of being a Perak girl) tell me, this poor ignorant girl, how the lesbians actually do homosexuality = anal sex? Or can he please decide before some poor chap who experiments with his wife’s tighter hole is called a les? Or are these two content in reinventing the facts of life? Harussani even used “immoral”, “wrong” and “sin” to define tomboys. So, if I am a tomboyish celibate lesbian with long hair and wear dresses I am all of that? Wow, the sin of just existing.

And again, OMG, the clothes issue. I wonder why so many people like those in the fatwa council are so fascinated with clothes these days since fashion is becoming more and more unisexual. Excuse my broken Cantonese, but this is really “Fart-Wan”. These religious moral guardians might as well go and arrest all the shy village folk men who wears sarong since the decree against transgender females back in 1980's (but they did not, and they did not even arrest our famous Chef Wan for being effeminate either). It seems that they are struggling to translate clothes as “girl” and “boy”, and also confused on what behaviour would constitute “maleness” and “femaleness”. Guys, please get an education.

With these latest foot-in-mouth disease victims, we can see that they wish to criminalise girls who are tomboys and lesbians. So any purely heterosexual girl who dresses in pants and has short hair would be hauled up by Syariah? Unlikely so. Even the civil law cannot punish lesbians on technicality because lesbians (erm) do not have “carnal intercourse”, let alone “indulging in homosexuality according to Dr. Abdul Shukor”. Therefore, the National Fatwa Council headed by the “Dr”, wishes to ban not only a complete state of existence of a person and her sexual orientation, but on the basis of nothing. Yes, let me repeat this. Banning nothing.

It is amazing how people like the good “Dr” and his equally naive buddies, the so-called religious “scholars”, love to change the already preset meanings to words like “homosexuality” and “tomboy”, and conform everyone to their ridiculous believes. It is already unacceptable that the religious authorities can be so cruel towards homosexuals and transgender females, but this latest charade is mindless. This is great. Most of the world now have a new joke about Malaysia. I really do not mind buying them some research books and dictionaries to give them, free of charge. They just need to ask.

Or if they are really so free to ponder over stupid fatwas, perhaps they need a real life? I am sure a lot of Muslim transsexual males, tomboys and lesbians still have a heck of a life regardless.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The New Life Of Coping With Depression.

There, I finally done it. I went to see a shrink for some professional help to get the depression off me. I had known for months now that I am suffering that inability to be alive among the living. Fearing it would rain I took that fateful journey by car and reached the University Malaya Medical Centre before 2pm. I lost my way but somehow managed to compose myself enough to find the psychiatric ward and informed the receptionist in regards to my appointment. As I waited for my turn, I realised I was seated in a company of people who seemed to have some manic disorders and uncontrollable behaviour patterns. I, the supposedly depressed one sat quietly on the chair, as I ponder over my own insanity.

When I entered the clinic room, a jovial Punjabi psychiatrist greeted me. As she started to ask me some personal questions, I had the sudden surge of emotions and burst into tears. It was because I know I am a total wreckage, which was why I came all the way to see a psychiatrist, and I explained to her the aspects of my life I had trouble controlling, from the over-flooding of memories to my heart and the sad songs that kept rerunning through my mind. I knew this is going to be the start of a long term solution. I knew I have to take practical steps; not only relying on a prayer to Christ, and not listening to friends pep-talk that includes total rejection that I have a problem, to being victimized as a victim.

Somehow depression is a very misunderstood condition. People do not seem to understand it. And no one in my circle feels it is something valid. Some of my friends also believe I am just making a big issue of myself being a victim and calls it rubbish. It is so unfortunate that they really do not know how I feel inside and how torn I am. Some just keep on hurting me in the guise of “constructive talk” but with accusing words that refuse to acknowledge my condition and even continue treating it very lightly.

But I do not wish anything else for people anymore if really they do not care and dismiss my person, only I alone know myself and what I am facing. I just want to sleep. I wish to be happy. I need to feel my worth. I hope to love myself. I am tired of waking up more than 10 times a night having the deafening silence haunting me, and some songs resounding in my ears. I am frustrated at my inability to focus even when I am driving. I am so sad that I would honestly say if it were not for the love and support of my true friends I would have taken my life. It is their care and concern for me that I know I owe it to them to keep going. This was echoed by the psychiatrist who seemed to see through me. It was like she already knew that most people are being negative and mean towards me and the struggles I have.

So I am now taking the anti-depressant called “Lexapro” which the kind psychiatrist prescribed to me. I do know I am in it for real now. I always fear the side effects and the withdrawal symptoms that would hit me when I stop taking it after my clinical observation is over. I took it for a good few days and it came with the good and the bad stuff. The bad of course is the feeling of nothingness and the sudden sense of emotion jerks to the comfortable numbness when I streak with my car on the road, along with dizziness that sometimes attack me. The good is that I can sense myself being abducted by aliens when I sleep, and only woke up a few times in a night but still in peace. There is a strange calm that reside in me when I go outside, with it much more composed emotions.

When I check back the slip I realised I am going to be on this medication for one year. So far I have slept early and woke up in the morning sans most of the painful memories I endured for years. I also realised that all my extreme feelings like anger resided with ease. There was an issue I faced with a friend on Wednesday evening that went by my head so fast that I can focus properly on what I can do on Thursday. And that was to start my new job (now you know why I have been quiet on cyberspace). So at least the 10mg of Lexapro could lock up for the time being the immense pain while I can concentrate on important matters, that is to continue climbing back up the pit I fell into. Also to stop being hard on myself and avoid people who are negative. I know some of my friends would still think there is no such thing as depression in me. But at least I know I can still count on professional help to reach that frame of mind.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unhealthy Heterosexual Lifestyle: New Bond Girl Gemma Arterton Had Sixth Finger Mutilated When Young.

Gemma Arterton, the latest Bond Girl, was born with six fingers.

But goodness me, the sixth was removed when she was a child!

Just whose extreme decision was this? Her? Her parents? Such differences should be accepted!

But then, she said here:

"It's my little oddity that I'm really proud of... It
makes me different...."

Then why remove it?! Because the parents wanted to impose their healthy child by creation of God to the heterosexual standard's five finger rule?! We all should live in all integrity and openess, even with six fingers!

And puh-leez, just as people accuse transsexuals of mutilating their abnormal growth between their legs, is this not also a form of mutilation? Why not just accept everyone the way they are and be proud of them for it?

Look closely at the great diversity God have given to us. There are so many types of six-y fingers!

There is the small, cute one by the side:

And there is the macho fully grown six finger-oo!

Some even have their mighty toes to complement their fingers!

It is so very nice and sweet! Just think, you can count until 6!

Poor, poor, Gemma... Look at what incredible fun, and the life she is missing....

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Rating For Yuki's Zone.

My previous blog "The Journey Of Yuki" was rated:

Now I present to you, the rating for "Yuki's Box Of Chocolates"!

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

So, does that mean I had finally grown from a girl to a lady?

A Warrior Princess Against The Tide.

I am finally called for some job interviews, and I really appreciate everyone for helping me out on that department. I hope to secure a few more interviews and claim one of the jobs, and perform it to my best to my ability. Whatever job that comes my way, I give myself a period of 6 months to a year to at least achieve something. The future is still a blank page for me; all the jobs opportunities are really far away from the area I am staying, and I am still in danger of losing my car within this month. The good thing is I had secured another month at where I am staying, so hopefully something will turn out so that I can manage to get a new place to stay. This is probably the one time I am going through all these by faith.

Financially I am still at a terrible shape. The odd meals here and there (it was an opportunity, but disappointingly my body still refuses to lose some weight) is not even enough to get my petrol meter going up a notch. And today I am going to another interview with a non-governmental organization with the empty tank warning light blinking again. This is not the kind of life I wish to live. But if one thing good can come out of this, is that I will learn back how to live a simple life. This way, I can start saving money again, first to get myself back into shape and for my medium term goal, the SRS.

Blogging itself is a problem for me now. I wish I can spend more time researching and commenting on issues around the world in regards to LGBT issues, and share my life with all of you. But alas, I really am struggling with the resources to do so. But I am thankful that I am not presenting my life to a wall. You are all reading this spot somewhere around the world, and with that I can hold on to my life. And some of you really make me feel I am an significant part of your life and never give up hope for me, with that I can never give up hope on myself now. I have more esteem to keep on living. I am deeply grateful and touched with all the assistance you all are giving to me. And I will not fail all of you.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Best From The Archives Of "The Journey Of Yuki" - Unhealthy Heterosexual Lifestyle: 'Come Back To Me' Singer Vanessa Hudgens Outed.

The heterosexual community now braces for another meltdown after Vanessa Hudgens, prominent actress for 'High School Musical', and singer of the top hit 'Come Back To Me', was outed stark naked in the internet recently.


(AP) Recently, a scene showing a kiss on the lips was a big deal for the wildly popular "High School Musical," but fans will be even more surprised this time around with a recent nude image posted on the Internet of one of the movie's top stars.

Vanessa Hudgens' representative has confirmed that a nude photo circulating on the Internet is indeed the 18-year-old star of Disney Channel's wildly popular "High School Musical" movies.

"This was a photo which was taken privately," said Jill Fritzo, Hudgens' publicist, on Friday. "It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public."

The photo shows the 18-year-old actress standing naked in what appears to be a bathroom, with a red shower curtain behind her.

The Disney Channel, part of the Walt Disney Co., denied a published report that Hudgens will be dropped from the upcoming feature film "High School Musical 3." That movie is in development, and negotiations with the stars are incomplete.

Disney had no further comment about the pictures.

Hudgens portrayed Gabriella, the brainy love interest of Zac Efron's basketball star in the first two "High School Musical" made-for-cable movies. The two are said to be dating in real life.

"High School Musical 2" attracted more than 17 million viewers for its Disney Channel premiere in August, the most-watched television program of the summer.

Yuki's choice reading:

The confirmation of events here:
The PR disaster for Disney's High School Musical here:
The apology here:
The photo of her, in the nude, here:
The higher resolution photo of her, in the nude here:
Other photos...
Sorry guys, let us not rub salt into people's wounds, kay?....

Yuki's thoughts: I still respect her. At least she admits and apologizes for her unhealthy heterosexual lifestyle. But what would the Christian community think about this? What would they do? Nothing I guess. Apparently the heterosexual sin is 'natural' for them. Better naked girls than naked guys, rite?

Published in "The Journey Of Yuki" on Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Korean Transsexual Female Commits Suicide.

The news came in late and there were many accounts on what happened, so I thought I would wait it out a little longer before compiling the news on this. Jang Chae-Won was famous for appearing in a show called “Truth Game” on Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) back in 2004, and was described as “a man dressing as a woman”. She won instant fame for being noted as even more prettier than a woman, but also notoriety for her transsexuals status. She later appeared again on the show as a post operative transsexual female, pretty as ever. She committed suicide on the night of October 3, at the age of 26.

There were controversies surrounding her cause of death, although the police ruled out foul play. But her postings on her website may shed a clue to what transpired. It was reported that last month, her postings were negative in tone, sentences such as “Will the end of my life be a comedy or a tragedy?” “Life is really tiresome” and “I wish everything would go the way I wanted.”. Her final posting reads “Mom, I’m sorry. I’ll do better next time.” The tone in which set precedence to her suicide was dreadfully similar to the death of another Korean actress Choi Jin-shil, age 40, both deeply linked to a lost of a loved one, and then both also began to show signs of great depression. There was also a believe that Jang's death may be closely linked to Choi's suicide, because after Jang broke up with her boyfriend, she deeply identified with Choi. And both suicides are also by hanging themselves.

Yuki's Thoughts: She was touted as the New Harisu. Looking at her, it is no wonder why. Undergoing severe depression as I am now, I can relate to her personally. It hurts, badly, to lose the one you love; and being a transsexual, someone to love and to be loved is so difficult to come by. And you just do not know who are the friends who you can trust, who would be there to comfort you; and the so-called friends that are just humouring you while laughing at your back. Life is really very sickening indeed.

See you in heaven, lovely Jang. Please send my regards if you see the other angelic sisters there.

(October really seems to be a month of LGBT tragedies. Lesbian and gay advocates will remember that young Matthew Shepard, was laying in the hospital fighting for his life, but still in the state of coma today at this time. He died a few days later. Check out this other heart breaking story on
Box Turtle Bulletin.)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yuki's Funnies: Joke Of The Month - Body Language.

A woman gets on a city bus.

She looks at the driver and holds up one hand; the driver holds up two hands.

Next, the woman points up; the driver points down.

Then, the woman grabs her breast; the driver grabs his crotch.

Finally, the woman grabs her butt and gets off the bus.

A curious passenger asked the bus driver what the odd motions were all about.

The driver explained, 'The woman is a deaf-mute.

She asked me if a bus ride is five cents, and I told her it was ten cents.

Next, she asked if the bus was going uptown, and I told her it was going downtown.

Then, she asked if the bus was going past the dairy, and I told her it was going past the ballpark...'

The passenger interjected, 'Okay, but why did she grab her butt as she left the bus?'

The driver continued, she replied 'Oh shit, I'm on the wrong bus!'

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Return Of The... New Kids On The Block....

I was only 12 years old when I started listening to their music. That time it was way into their second album's roll. During that period I was so obsessed with them. I have their posters and everything. I will watch all the award shows that featured them. I even managed to get their first album. And of course their Christmas album. Then a few more of their subsequent albums. They were everywhere at that time. They outsold the Beatles and rake in more than any other artists at their time. They were a pop phenomenon. It can be strongly argued that they paved the way for boy bands such as Backstreet Boys and N'Sync. They are?

Okay, you should know by now they are already back. They are the one and only "New Kids On The Block" or NKOTB.

Their first stage appearance together for almost a decade and a half:

New Kids On The Block - House Of Blues - May 2008

Their first single is actually released as a digital download called “Summertime”. It was later released as the second single from their new album “The Block”.

Their actual first single from that album is called “Single”, which featured Neyo:

In between that period of separation, all of them went into their respective solo singing careers, except Jonathan Knight, who went all low profile. Besides cutting some solo albums, Joey McIntyre also went into an acting career with several TV shows, while Donnie Walhberg did one better in actually making the cut as an established actor both on the telly and at the movies.

Okay, I know you would be bloody curious about this. Twenty years since their smashing successful album “Hangin' Tough”, how old are they now?

Jonathan Rashleigh Knight or Jonathan Knight (November 29th, 1968) Current age: 39+

Daniel William Wood Junior or Daniel Wood (May 14th, 1969) Current age: 39+

Donald Edmond Wahlberg Junior or Donnie Wahlberg (August 17th, 1969) Current age: 39+

Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight or Jordan Knight (May 17th, 1970) Current age: 38+

Joseph Mulrey McIntyre or Joey McIntyre (December 31st, 1972) Current age: 35+

A glimpse through their current few life performances illustrates that they still have a cult following from the heydays, with screaming fans around their thirties. Gosh. I am in my thirties now too. Sigh.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

In Memory Of A Sweet 17 Year Old Transgender Girl.

It is now past midnight here in Malaysia. Almost everybody are enjoying the weekend off at the clubs or movies, or even with drinks at a chinese restaurant somewhere. In the United States, it would be morning. Most everyone would be at work, sipping away their coffee fixating themselves in front of a LCD monitor, and for some they would still be sleeping after night shift work. But unknown to many, except for those at Bay Area San Fransisco, someone would still remember. There probably would be a candlelight vigil last night there, and it would be for someone who had died barely hours ago, 6 years back, killed by a manifested hatred disguised as an excuse to murder. The victim at that time was only 17-years old.

I blogged about it last year, and until today it is something very personal to me, something I find difficult to forget. Because that girl had everything going for her. A loving family with an accepting mother, and a life we all could learn from. While most of us are still in our closets passing as boys at the same age, she came out and just be who she is. In the recorded statement surrounding her murder, the last words were uttered and it is a testament of her heart. “Please don't. I have a family...”. She was defenseless against the beatings of a few youths. I will revisit again the events that happened that night.

Imagine yourself in her position. 5 hours of torture. You are kicked, punched, hit by hard objects (frying pans, barbells, cans), beaten, knocked, kneed to the wall, strangled and stoned. Then your body is tied and buried like piece of shit. Is there a good reason, or a sane reason for you to be in that circumstance? Michael Magidson, Jaron Nabors, José Merél and Paul Merel had no reason to do what they did. Three of them are just serving served 6 to 11 years in prison. Now why is that? The reason for the verdict was because they did not know she was transsexual. Does that mean it is okay to kill someone because I do not know a Middle Eastern man was an American? Is it okay if I torture someone for 5 hours because I do not know that Christian boyfriend of mine was actually a Moslem?

That hence lies the point. There is no excuse, this is extreme transphobia. If I do not know something about someone I would ask, or if I finally know something I do not know, I would just walk off if I am sad. No one would even excuse themselves for murdering a mouse just because they do not know it was a guinea pig, unless they actually hate the mouse, enough to stone it to death or to fry it. And this was a human being at 17 years of age. Gwen Araujo was murdered not because she was concealing her transsexual status (it does not matter to her mind you, as she was very assured she is everything a girl can be). She was murdered because she is a transsexual. Period. I believe even the best anger management masters can tell you, no one gets into a rage so strong that they, again for 5 hours, beat a person up to death. Unless it is intentionally done so to make sure that the person is dead. And it takes great hate to kill.

And the end point is clear. She is dead. They would probably get parole or released in a few years time and goes back into society, living peacefully and quietly. But somewhere in San Fransisco, someone's daughter, sister and friend is gone forever. Sylvia Guerrero now lives by her transsexual daughter's memory, on a crusade to create awareness, and make sure no one will be harmed by such bigoted idiots with such excuses ever again. Of course, the hurt and the news may eventually be buried in history. But the fact remains that everyday transgender woman, especially transgender woman of colour, are murdered at a worrying rate. And the trend of excuses remains the same. Trans panic? Or really, is it not time for us to examine our expectations in another person, on their gender, gender conformity and our responsibility?


A documentary movie surrounding the events of Gwen Araujo's death and the subsequent trial, "Trained In The Ways Of Men":

"Please don't. I have a family..." were her last words. Powerful documentary Trained in the Ways of Men explores the controversial events surrounding the violent murder of Gwen Araujo in Newark, California—a murder that shocked the country when it made national headlines.

From CNN to The New York Times, the case attracted famous attorneys, spawned a made-for-TV movie, compelled almost 1000 people to attend Gwen Araujo's memorial service and thousands more to march in the streets demanding justice. Trained in the Ways of Men is an exploration of the provocative complexities of gender identity; what does it mean to be a man or a woman?

Leaving no stone unturned, Director Shelly Prevost scrupulously examines the murder trial and provides numerous interviews with Gwen Araujo's mother Sylvia and the attorneys involved in the case. Trained in the Ways of Men ultimately encourages us to turn the camera on ourselves and unearth our own buried prejudices and fears.

Buy the DVD at Cinequest Online

Watch Trained in the Ways of Men on Jaman NOW

A video tribute to Gwen Amber Rose Araujo ---',-@ :

Rest In Peace, My Beautiful Sister.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Going Vegetarian.

Okay, so I need to save money. I love the environment. I wish to slim down. I want to take care of my health. If there is one lifestyle change which would be possible for me to do to execute all of those above, what would that be? That would be to go – Vegetarian! Okay, as I had researched through several blogsites and health websites, I realized there are several categories of vegetarians:

From The Fast Guide For Vegetarians & Vegans:

The term semi-vegetarian is usually used to describe someone who is a vegetarian who consumes dairy products, eggs, chicken, and fish, but does not consume other animal flesh.

Ovo-lacto vegetarians are vegetarians who do not consume meat, poultry, fish, and seafood, but do consume eggs and milk. This is the largest group of vegetarians.

Ovo-vegetarian is a term used to describe someone who would be a vegan if they did not consume eggs.

Lacto-vegetarian is a term used to describe someone who would be a vegan if they did not consume milk.

Vegan is the strictest sub-category of vegetarians. Vegans do not consume any animal products or by-products. Some go as far as not even consuming honey and yeast. Others do not wear any clothing made from animal products.

Important: Take some time to figure out for yourself, what group you will
belong to when you become a vegetarian. You will want to consider both dietary
and ethical reasons for choosing this lifestyle.

As far as my understanding of soya bean milk goes (someone correct me if I am wrong), it does not contain animal stuff inside. So I will substitute milk with soya bean milk. I know I will need some protein, therefore I will stick with eggs. So that makes me a Lacto-Vegetarian! I do know I will have a surmountable amount of meat cravings being quite heavy on that, but several sites on the net assured me that once I started I will find the taste of meat to be under control to a point within a few months, meat would not really matter to me. I may even find it disgusting! The results will be in a few months.

In addition to that, I decided to completely cut off my carbohydrates. I really do find myself unable to control my weight once I eat rice. And there is something about rice that makes me sleepy. So I believe good things would come out of this diet. In the meantime, I am going to eat my last rice and meat meal for supper. And I realized one thing too, a rice and meet meal would cost approximately RM 5.50 to RM 7.50. But a nice fulfilling spinach egg soup would only cost RM 4.00. So here I go on my humble veggie journey. Will let you all know the progress of this veggie diet incrementally. So here I go!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

James Dobson Do Not Deserve To Be Honoured... At All....

Gay Liberation Network's Bob Schwartz & Thomas Goree explains the importance of NOT allowing James Dobson into the National Radio Hall Of Fame. On a personal note, I believe it is totally an act of insanity in awarding someone of Mr. Dobson's reputation; especially a man who had spent a good amount of adult years in his life perpetuating hatred towards homosexuals on radio, a man responsible of spewing every damn discredited pseudo-scientific theories about LGBTs that a human brain the capacity of an ape can conjure up, from diseases to disasters to total annihilation of mankind.

Would any decent organization with HONOUR, reward such a bigot? No. This is really disgraceful.

Tell The Radio Hall of Fame To Not Honor James Dobson.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications has announced it will induct right wing extremist James Dobson into its Radio Hall of Fame. Dobson runs a so-called ex-gay program and has said that allowing gay people to marry will destroy the earth. In the past two years, at least seven researchers in three countries have accused Dobson of
distorting their research to back his anti-gay teachings.

Unless the Museum reverses its outrageous and offensive decision to honor this dishonest demagogue, Truth Wins Out will join the Gay Liberation Network and a coalition of Chicago organizations to protest the annual Radio Hall of Fame awards dinner.

The protest is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 8, 5:30 PM 7:30 PM, at the Renaissance Chicago Hotel, 1 W Wacker Drive.

E-Mail Radio Hall of Fame CEO Bruce Dumont,, and urge him to withdraw Dobsons honor.

Original air date on CAN-TV, cable access in Chicago: August 8, 2008.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Best From The Archives Of "The Journey Of Yuki" - Unhealthy Heterosexual Lifestyle: Pastor Ho Yeow Sun Makes Asian Sexy Good In The US.

Ah yes! The super sexy heterosexual lifestyle is so good and ever ready to be flaunted, even by a former pastor who is now a 37-year old hip swinging sensation!

This self proclaimed 'geisha' was a former pastor of City Harvest Church, Singapore (which she later vehemently denied, even though most Singaporeans seemed to have warmed up to her as a the 'singing pastor'. Yes dears, being heterosexual and flaunting it with your butt gives you a license to lie).

She and her husband, Reverend Dr Kong Hee, built an empire of a church:

Still, she is a hot heterosexual Christian cookie as she hollered out with a Asian Beyonce twist on da floor. And she even wants to get more sexier!

Better yet... City Harvest Church is promoting her name and albums!....

This is the video link. Gosh! I am speechless! I wish I could pull off those moves!

Here are some biography listings about her:

An interview with her with more of her pics is available at the next link. With these kinds of responses from her here, it is really difficult to believe she was once a shepard of a flock of tenths of thousands of members!

You see, heterosexuals are the superior sexual orientation (as proclaimed by Christians), so when nice homosexuals hold hands, it is a no no. But when you are a Christian and trained in a Bible college, you can revel in your hetero-SEXUALITY! It is a passport to sexiness freedom!

Yuki's choice reading:

These are the selection of reactions about Pastor Sun Ho @ Pastor Ho Yeow Sun from several blogsites in Singapore. We all can agree one thing. She is a bad example to young Christians, a hell of a worldly Christian and a shame to Christianity the religion.

But who cares, when you are living a heterosexual lifestyle!

Published in "The Journey Of Yuki" on Wednesday, October 10, 2007