Monday, October 6, 2008

The Return Of The... New Kids On The Block....

I was only 12 years old when I started listening to their music. That time it was way into their second album's roll. During that period I was so obsessed with them. I have their posters and everything. I will watch all the award shows that featured them. I even managed to get their first album. And of course their Christmas album. Then a few more of their subsequent albums. They were everywhere at that time. They outsold the Beatles and rake in more than any other artists at their time. They were a pop phenomenon. It can be strongly argued that they paved the way for boy bands such as Backstreet Boys and N'Sync. They are?

Okay, you should know by now they are already back. They are the one and only "New Kids On The Block" or NKOTB.

Their first stage appearance together for almost a decade and a half:

New Kids On The Block - House Of Blues - May 2008

Their first single is actually released as a digital download called “Summertime”. It was later released as the second single from their new album “The Block”.

Their actual first single from that album is called “Single”, which featured Neyo:

In between that period of separation, all of them went into their respective solo singing careers, except Jonathan Knight, who went all low profile. Besides cutting some solo albums, Joey McIntyre also went into an acting career with several TV shows, while Donnie Walhberg did one better in actually making the cut as an established actor both on the telly and at the movies.

Okay, I know you would be bloody curious about this. Twenty years since their smashing successful album “Hangin' Tough”, how old are they now?

Jonathan Rashleigh Knight or Jonathan Knight (November 29th, 1968) Current age: 39+

Daniel William Wood Junior or Daniel Wood (May 14th, 1969) Current age: 39+

Donald Edmond Wahlberg Junior or Donnie Wahlberg (August 17th, 1969) Current age: 39+

Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight or Jordan Knight (May 17th, 1970) Current age: 38+

Joseph Mulrey McIntyre or Joey McIntyre (December 31st, 1972) Current age: 35+

A glimpse through their current few life performances illustrates that they still have a cult following from the heydays, with screaming fans around their thirties. Gosh. I am in my thirties now too. Sigh.

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