Sunday, October 26, 2008

National Fatwa Council Demonises Women, Tomboys And Lesbians With Latest Mindless Fatwa.

Not content with reducing almost all the transgender female population to forking out a living in supermarts and on the streets (and not being able to muster a single "fatwa" on the menacing mat rempits), the National Fatwa Council decided to make another grand entry into the annals of idiocy with another fatwa. The target of this regressive behaviour are the tomboys which are lumped together with those “indulging in homosexuality”. The ones that are most likely affected from this move would be Muslim transsexual males with those girls who act “manly” having short hair and wear pants. The full article here:

KOTA BARU: The National Fatwa Council has ruled that tomboyism, where a girl behaves or dresses in a boyish manner, is forbidden in Islam.

Its chairman Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said the decision was prompted by recent developments as there had been cases of young women inclined to behave like men and indulging in homosexuality.

Parents must stop their children from indulging in disruptive activities that are against Islamic teachings, he told reporters here yesterday. -Bernama-

His name is Dr. Abdul Shukor Husin (left pic). I really wonder where he got that “Dr” title from since he is so eager to condemn the group that holds the least risks of HIV/AIDS infection and are the most monogamous couplehood in the entire world. I would advice him to go back to high school and study on what “homosexuality” means as a sexual orientation since his knowledge is inconclusive. “Indulging in homosexuality”? What is actually is that? I thought it was decided that it means anal sex? Oh wait, some heterosexuals do it on the butt too. And the term is called anal sex, not homosexuality.

Anyway, if we go by Dr. Abdul Shukor’s distinguished English language revamp, he would mean lesbians indulging in anal sex. But excuse me, can the good “Dr.” Abdul, or the rest of his council members like the infamously transphobic and homophobic misogynist Perak Mufti Harussani Idris Zakaria (right pic), (Gosh, I am beginning to be ashamed of being a Perak girl) tell me, this poor ignorant girl, how the lesbians actually do homosexuality = anal sex? Or can he please decide before some poor chap who experiments with his wife’s tighter hole is called a les? Or are these two content in reinventing the facts of life? Harussani even used “immoral”, “wrong” and “sin” to define tomboys. So, if I am a tomboyish celibate lesbian with long hair and wear dresses I am all of that? Wow, the sin of just existing.

And again, OMG, the clothes issue. I wonder why so many people like those in the fatwa council are so fascinated with clothes these days since fashion is becoming more and more unisexual. Excuse my broken Cantonese, but this is really “Fart-Wan”. These religious moral guardians might as well go and arrest all the shy village folk men who wears sarong since the decree against transgender females back in 1980's (but they did not, and they did not even arrest our famous Chef Wan for being effeminate either). It seems that they are struggling to translate clothes as “girl” and “boy”, and also confused on what behaviour would constitute “maleness” and “femaleness”. Guys, please get an education.

With these latest foot-in-mouth disease victims, we can see that they wish to criminalise girls who are tomboys and lesbians. So any purely heterosexual girl who dresses in pants and has short hair would be hauled up by Syariah? Unlikely so. Even the civil law cannot punish lesbians on technicality because lesbians (erm) do not have “carnal intercourse”, let alone “indulging in homosexuality according to Dr. Abdul Shukor”. Therefore, the National Fatwa Council headed by the “Dr”, wishes to ban not only a complete state of existence of a person and her sexual orientation, but on the basis of nothing. Yes, let me repeat this. Banning nothing.

It is amazing how people like the good “Dr” and his equally naive buddies, the so-called religious “scholars”, love to change the already preset meanings to words like “homosexuality” and “tomboy”, and conform everyone to their ridiculous believes. It is already unacceptable that the religious authorities can be so cruel towards homosexuals and transgender females, but this latest charade is mindless. This is great. Most of the world now have a new joke about Malaysia. I really do not mind buying them some research books and dictionaries to give them, free of charge. They just need to ask.

Or if they are really so free to ponder over stupid fatwas, perhaps they need a real life? I am sure a lot of Muslim transsexual males, tomboys and lesbians still have a heck of a life regardless.


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my god... I think i consider 'lucky' that i am not muslim. Else, i am gone. But i think with this, it does effect all the other races tomboy of FTM... how am i suppose to go back when i started my hormon?

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