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The Best From The Archives Of "The Journey Of Yuki" - The Gay Agenda?

I peruse this with interest, this is a recent sermon presented by Mr Derek Hong. I have to summon enough respect for this man to call him Mr, because he sure do not bear fruits coming out of a Senior Pastor he hyped himself to be, I find him, at his age, even lesser than Mr:

The previews are here:

The audio for the entire sermon is available on this page:

Some commentaries are available here:

This man is from Church Of Our Saviour, Singapore, that runs Choices Ministry in affiliation with Exodus International.

Looking at the PDF file, I still could not understand the inability of Pastors to tell the truth, but in the end, preach lies and intolerance. I will comment on the PDF scripts only, because I know if I listen to his sermon I will feel nauseous.

For example, the blatant use of Genesis 19, clearly to neutrals is the story of attempted rape on angels. But it is amazing how intolerant eyes cannot see the events unfolding before the very passages.

Then there is the use of Leviticus. Is it not amazing that people present the Old Leviticus Laws, some that demands of people to be put to death in the most trivial of matters, example, Leviticus 20:9 (death to disobeying children), Leviticus 20:10 (death to unfaithful men), Leviticus 20: 18 (death to men having sex with women during period), as just by laws of that generation or culture, or even went as far as the laws were written for a specific community; but still homosexuals are cherry picked out of it as the only 'sin'?

Or the use of Paul's 'condemnation' of homosexuals as the prime weapon of intolerance; but totally forsaking the same letters that address the reduced role of women, african-americans, and slaves? Or translating the word 'arsenokoites', which means arsen (man) koites (bed), which can mean anything, to be translated as pervert by this 'pastor' who somehow forgot his theology? Or how about 1 Corinthians 6 about pagan idolatry, interpreted by them as homosexual lust? I wonder how would he preach 1 Corinthians 11 and 14 about women.

Then on part two he preaches the same junk science Edmund Smith always preaches about homosexuality being 'developed'. This is really getting frustrating, with again connotations of poor relationships with the parents of the same sex, child abuse... wow. This is really stupid. He then goes about the mantra of how 'change' is possible. SO what is change when the orientation is not? Is living a celibate life equivalent to a total change of orientation? As for testimonies, just how many of them are genuine men born normal but gay? He even cited Spitzer. Dr Spitzer himself had expressed disappointment that his research was taken out of context

This is where it gets repulsive when he begins to actually not preach about God as a so called pastor, but is advertising Choices Ministry's methods in the end. There is one line that got me shaking my head, 'Acceptance is not the same as approval', excuse me for my English, but acceptance IS about approval. If you accept food in your mouth means you approve of it! Mr Derek and his partner in crime Shawn Tay plays with words but ended up a two yelping dingos.

Lastly, they conceived in their ultra shallow minds, the gay agenda.

1) Strive for special rights for homosexuals, presenting themselves as equal to minority ethnic groups.

2) Governments to approve homosexual marriages and legal adoption of children.

(If you look at one and two, you would notice they are connected. Homosexuals are NOT given these rights, so what is so 'special' about having these rights that are equivalent to heterosexuals?)

3) Silence all parties (e.g., pro-family groups and religious institutions) who oppose their agenda.

4) Eradication of all help-groups (such as Choices) which seek to bring recovery to homosexuals.

(You would see, they are frightened out of their own skins of the truth. They are afraid that if people know the real deal about homosexuality, they have to close shop on their illegal recovery spa.)

5) Right to promote homosexuality as a viable alternative lifestyle through the education system.

(Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle... again I ask on behalf of people who are unfortunately born homosexual... WHAT lifestyle? Please take care of your own heterosexual 'lifestyles' before you question others....)

It is no wonder this church is considered the most anti-gay church in Singapore. The Gay Agenda? I would throw back a question at this bozo and ask him, in reference to these sermons, what is The Christian Agenda? Is it here? That a community oppressed be controlled? This is sick, really getting sick. Sometimes I wonder what happened to the Christ we all believed in. I can feel the cross shaking by the degree of worship of intolerance and religion shown by them.

Published in "The Journey Of Yuki" on Saturday, September 8, 2007

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