Monday, July 28, 2008

We Exist, We Are Real... Unfortunately, You Are Not....

The ideology of homosexuality presented by Real Love Ministry (RLM) is really getting atrocious as I read Edmund Smith’s blog and his sister Helga Smith’s blog. Logical fallacies and wrong information are aplenty, and so is the questionable identity of Edmund Smith as a “has-been” gay identified person. My article at Ex-Gay Watch about them also throws into light the protective mentality of Edmund’s cronies. It seems that without examining, without even scrutinizing Edmund’s knowledge on homosexuality, they resort to vigourously defend Edmund’s poor understanding of the homosexual condition as if he is the ultimate voice. The problem is, all that Edmund knows about homosexuality are reification fallacies, which really raises serious questions on whether he "was" really homosexual or just a heterosexual who loves anal sex and blowjobs.

Readers of my previous blog “The Journey Of Yuki”, would remember the story about one of my former friends who broke up her friendship with me for him. Two matters come back to mind here. One, what goes on between me and Edmund is supposed to stay between us. Secondly, without even reading what I wrote in my blog, she decided to call what I wrote as crap. This behaviour is becoming a norm for all Real Love Ministry members.

For example, Edmund Smith’s wife Amuamanda Smith’s ignorance to my factual views. I commented on a young girl’s blog early this year, with the fear she would be brainwashed by the falsehood presented by RLM. This is Pastor Amanda Smith’s comment on the girl's blog:-

Dear Jojo,

The individual by the name of Vivian @ Yuki @ Anonymous @ etc who is going international via internet to destroy the name and ministry Ps Edmund & RLM (

This individual is a transgender (a male who believes that he is meant to be a female) who was once helped by Ps Edmund but became vicious because Ps Edmund refused to condone to his pro-gay and pro-transgender believes.

Vivian stalks the internet to see where Ps Edmund / RLM are mentioned. And like he did with yours – he will condemned Ps Edmund / RLM.

He is dangerous & definitely an instrument of the devil. What can you do?
1. Pray for him
2. Do not entertain him (many Christians are interacting with him like you did)
3. Warn your family and friends.

Real Love brings Real Life,
Ps Amanda Smith
(wife of Ps
Edmund Smith)

Few things come to mind here. If Real Love Ministry would have bothered to read my blog and Ex-Gay Watch, they would realize that I write in response to all ex-gay ministries, all over the world. Even the other ex-gay ministry in Malaysia “Pursuing Liberty Under Christ”, was not spared. Then, I only recently became more open in attacking their characters, because they attacked mine. But most of what I had written before mid-2008, contained nothing but decades of factual information, scientific research and hardcore truths about homosexuality as I have shown at the end of my last post. It also seems to me now that they have no ability whatsoever to reason like adults.

They are acting as if they are afraid that people would know the truth about homosexuality, to the extent they ask everyone they know not to interact with me, as shown in Amuamanda's response in quote above. They even childishly copy and pasted a long warning that serves to undermine their state of mind, as comments to several blogsites, without realizing that doing so they only show to mature young adults that they have nothing but completely dogmatic views and unable to accept the truth staring on top of their faces.

As if the truth is staring at them so hard that they could not utter a single intellectual response, they resorted to ad hominem attacks on me, calling me the ridiculous line, “dangerous & definitely an instrument of the devil”. You see, I am a Christian. And the Bible very clearly says that you can judge the person’s Christian character by their fruits. So with such deception, defamation and lies from them, is it not obvious who is working for the devil?

Matthew 7: 15-20.
15"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

I also cannot help but roll on the floor laughing when I read this post from Helga Smith:-

Our biggest highlight was the Central Market Mission, where we as missionaries went out in pairs to minister and bless the street community and by the grace of God we were able to share Jesus into their lives. This took place at midnight where the street community includes of the beggars, the drug addicts, the prostitutes and the homosexuals. At first this wasn’t an easy assignment for me personally because I was afraid to be rejected or to be told off. We brought along some food with us as we move out in pairs. It was easier to approach them as we had something to offer them. My partner Sai Ho and myself, we were truly blessed. We managed to talk to a number of people and we managed to even share about Jesus to them. We also managed to pray with them, glory to Jesus, I saw tears flowing from some of their eyes. Some of them regretted to have chosen this walk of life and I personally know that we brought hope to them. It was truly a joy to bless this community. (emphasis added)

(YUKI's interjection: Regarding these words in italics in relations to prostitutes in Malaysia, I am very angered. What are they thinking? Prostitutes in Malaysia are either forced to whorehouses (to pay off debts, to make money, some are sold there by their husbands, parents etc) or forced by economy or lack of job opportunities (example: these "loving" organizations like RLM keep telling the public that transgenders are males. So with such persuasion who would hire transgenders? So my transgender sisters have no choice but to sell themselves. Bad, bad RLM!) How dare they take advantage of this group of people to perpetuate their core myth of “choice” and “regret”! Shame on them for trying to brand themselves as heroes giving "hope". Hope is supposely given only from God! Anyway, most homosexuals are now hoping RLM to keep their mouth shut, since RLM like to talk of well-adjusted homosexuals as "marginalized"!)

I shall not deny that there would be people present at the Central Market after midnight. But what people? Let us examine the two of them. Prostitutes. They are heavily guarded by “tontos” working to alert any curious movement from anyone especially a police. At the doorstep of each lot that houses the prostitutes, there are “daddies” securing outside to cast away unwanted people. Most of the girls are on call, so they would be very busy. With such situations it is almost impossible to “reach out” to them unless RLM is based on the streets on a very regular basis, offer cash, or working for an NGO to distribute condoms, which is a point of benefit for the “daddies” because they would want their girls free from HIV/AIDS. There would be of course a few of them that are looking for customers individually, but only few of them. And most of that few would be Malays.

Homosexuals. Most of them no longer loiter around at Central Market. Ever since the club “Liquid Bar” moved last year, all of them have changed their location for hanging out to a park which the PLU dubbed “The Lost World”. No doubt, there would still be the presence of a few homosexuals at Central Market. But then, what would RLM's modus operandi be? The RLM gang are talking as if every homosexual person would have the word “gay” written on their forehead. Are they going to ask every each person there “are you a homosexual?” and risk losing their face? And also, of those few homosexuals that still cruise there, most of them are Malays.

They placed prostitutes and homosexuals alongside drug addicts and beggars among the people they visited, which is virtually an impossible scenario. Add to that most of them are Malays and they had a Christian outreach. Interesting, I wonder what the religious authorities have to say about that. Anway, it is so clear that leaves them only (yes only) reaching out to the drug addicts and beggars. Yep, so much tears for the entire four communities they reach out for when two are almost inexistent for them to “outreach” to. Hey, maybe some of the RLM members would be willing to sell their cars so that some prostitutes can be bought out from the trade. That would be a real heroic act! Unfortunately, RLM is just RLM.

Such is “Real Love Ministry”. Calling a person that exposes their lies as the instrument of the devil. Unwilling to listen to anything real about homosexuals except those coming from Edmund Smith’s throat. Unable to discuss anything intellectually. And likes painting a big bad picture about homosexuals and transgenders, with love of course. Then painting a picture as if they are doing something good for homosexuals when they actually cause more harm. Can you feel the love? Anyway, a simple rebuttal on the root theories of Real Love Ministry.

Edmund Smith, as exposed in Ex-Gay Watch and my blog, admitted that sexual orientation (including homosexuality) is not a choice and is inborn. But according to him, a person can choose their “sexual behaviour” (buzzer 1: so asexuals are to be coerced to have sex?). So by this equation, as displayed clearly on his blog, he calls homosexuals who are celibate as “ex-gays” (still akin to ex-smokers or ex-drinkers type of ex) (buzzer 2: so they mean the heterosexual orientation is innate but it is also automatically addictive?). So according to him and his logic, why not this equation: Heterosexuals who are celibate = ex-straights? (buzzer 3: Total discriminative double standards, is it not?). So RLM, why such three sided contradictions and confusions? And bloody hell, why still pick on homosexuals? Having zero knowledge on transgenders and talk about it likes he knows a lot, while stuck in Primary Three education on maleness and femaleness, I guess only two things fascinates Edmund Smith's mental state now:

A penis and a vagina.

I end with this quote and response from a recent Ex-Gay Watch article. It really speaks of just exactly how these ex-gay movements, like RLM, goes about their business:

David Roberts, on July 25th, 2008 at 5:19 pm Said:
"Don’t reveal that vulnerable place where it just feels like this is part of who you are – because that just perpetuates this ‘problem’ and will keep you from emerging into your true heterosexuality."

Would this also be why Exodus staffers, particularly Randy and Alan, obsessively cling to the newspeak of “gay-identified” and “struggling with SSA” etc? It certainly seems that anything which refers to homosexuality as a definite orientation that some people “just are” drives them into overdrive. Then again, if one wants to believe they can change that, it would be most helpful to foster a belief that it is not real to begin with. (emphasis added)

Michael Bussee, on July 26th, 2008 at 2:06 pm Said:
David, Bingo! You are right on when you said “Then again, if one wants to believe they can change that, it would be most helpful to foster a belief that it is not real to begin with.”

There is not “orientation”, only “temptation”. There is not gay, just “gay indentified”. There are no real homosexuals, just confused or damaged straight ones.

Language is all important to these ministries. I call it “EXODUS newspeak”. The question, “Can gays change” is easliy answered “yes” — all you have to do is redefine what gay means (or insist that it doesn’t really exist anyway).
And “change” means whatever you want it to mean. You can be “ex-gay” even if you are “falling” several times a week — as long as you “repent” after each fall. (emphasis added)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let Us Pray For Real Love Ministry.

I realized today that up to last month Edmund Smith and gang still prays for me, as they have been doing for the past few months.

The Sample:

Please pray for Vivienne @ Yuki who was once helped by RLM. *He* is a transgender (*male wanting to be female*). *He* is aggressively moving from one website to another (internationally) trying to ruin the name of Ps Edmund and
Real Love Ministry. Pray for Jesus to touch *him*. (emphasis and * * added)

As I am so deeply grateful for both their attention in prayer; I Yuki Choe, make a promise to open this prayer session (and others can join me) for him, his wife and his ministry every month too until they stop, so that they will no longer be a danger and a threat to the LGBTs with their misinformation and deception.

And also I personally pray to God for forgiveness; because Edmund Smith and Amanda Smith failed to respectfully call me by the correct pronoun (note the * * above) , I shall cease to look at them at face value, and start to call Edmund "her-she" and Amanda "him-he".

(So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets - Matthew 7:12 (New International Version))

Please pray for both Sister Edmund Lawrence Smith and Brother Amuamanda Smith (I respectfully call them their full names) to be able to learn to call me by my name Yuki Choe instead of adding the annoying @ and Vivienne (as I am divorced).

Please pray for both of them to read more about Harry Benjamin Syndrome or Gender Identity Disorder, and also what is a transgender from authorative sources. That is why psychiatrists calls me girl, and do we really want to listen to personal dogma based on no facts here?

Please pray for both of them to now concentrate on my writings for only three sites, “Ex-Gay Watch” in which I am now a writer, my personal blogsite “Yuki's Box Of Chocolates”, and the advocacy site “Tilted World”, and make them realise I have no time to write for other "international sites".

Please pray they read what I write before condemning me of spending too much time on Real Love Ministry, as I have other articles they seem to not appreciate about other ex-gay ministries.

Please pray for Sister Edmund's CDs to sell well because she may only be parroting non-sense, but she did it to support her two kids.

Please pray for Our Saviour to touch them so that they can see they are actually not reading my other interesting articles which may benefit them for their ministry.

Please pray for both these pastors to start acting like pastors.

Please pray for Sister Edmund's credibility, because after she lost it last year she is becoming desperate.

Please pray for Brother Amuamanda to stop being a Christian extremist.

Please pray for their children because they are growing up being the children of an ex-gay man (or ex-lesbian woman?).

Please pray for both of them to stop calling me a he, because I am already more manly than Sister Edmund (tounge-in-cheek!).

Please pray for both of them to be diligent in distributing factual information instead of parroting misrepresentation of homosexuals and transgenders.

Please pray for Sister Edmund Smith and Brother Amuamanda Smith to stop being so lazy to do any research or study, and stop yelping reification fallacies upon unsuspecting and naive youths.

Please pray for both of them for the discernment to separate what is transgender and what is transsexual.

Please pray for both of them to stop accusing me of ruining their name, when they already ruined their own names by perpetuating dogma instead of facts.

Please pray for them that they stop making fool of themselves then come blame it on 'pro-gays'.

The most important prayer point:

Please pray that sister Edmund Smith and brother Amanda Smith stop this highly dogmatic and headless chickenish behaviour called RLM towards the homosexual and the transgender community; and that they really stop being so false and without truth in their direction; and start to look, stare and observe as God reveals more to the world about his diversed creations here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and most definitely here. Pray that they wake up and realise the world is round, unlike the world they are living now which is flat and narrow.

In the name of Our Father In Heaven, Our Saviour His Son and the Holy Spirit.


Monday, July 21, 2008

The Mak Nyah.

I have been pondering over what I should do to stand up on my feet again. Funnily enough, one of my gay friends said not to worry so much, to not be negative and told me that anything can happen. Reading an article today about the LGBT in Malaysia gives me great fear of what is to become of me in the coming months. It also goes to show just how contrasting the fates of homosexual male or females are with those of us who are transgenders. Perhaps it is not too much, to seriously take a deep look at what is coming for me.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government's offer of welfare aid to homosexuals should be extended to the Mak Nyah (transgender) instead.

Pink Triangle Foundation programme director Raymond Tai said most homosexuals were "well-to-do" as they were employed just like "normal people" and would only face discrimination if they were open about their status.

"They are not like the Mak Nyah who are physically different. The Mak Nyah do not get employed and this results in them prostituting themselves," he said. (emphasis added)

It is not something new to me. It was something I had faced prior to meeting my husband. In November of last year, I was clear of HIV during a medical check up and on the way to getting married. Now I am getting ready to move out of my friend’s house to an air of uncertainty. I have been through a life on the streets before, but this time it is different. I was supposed to be saved from the tyrannical treatment towards transgenders. Now it felt like the wings of hope and peace I had, violently being torn away as I fall again into oblivion.

I am 32, which in Malaysian standards is considered getting old. I have crooked teeth and a face infested with acne scars. I am too tall for a girl, not pretty, without varsity education, no big breasts and not passable as a woman. I am dead giveaway every time I walk out, contrary to the brief Australian life I had. Sometimes I do have regrets of not taking my life. At times it is just too painful to live as who I am out there that death becomes a comforting option. But when I wanted to die, God somehow insists of me to suffer right here.

I jumped in front of a few buses in Chonburi, but I cannot be more amazed how slow the buses suddenly chose to move. I climbed up the bridge ready to jump but was stopped by the policeman. I took a scissors at my hotel room near the clinic ready to cut it off myself, but the receptionist suddenly disturbed me with a call. This is ridiculous! Back in Malaysia, the temptation to end it all followed me, but for friends who called me out for drinks to console me and try to assist me in looking for jobs. I cannot even depend on my own Christian cell group too much. I ended up sharing the hurt with the radio in my room.

I have days in countdown to go before I jump back to the realities of the world. My fairytale is not only over, it is becoming a hell for me. Sometimes I wish I was not given hope and peace at all. It is all because I was given such grace so close to my holy grail then it was pulled out of me along with my flesh and my soul in such drastic fashion. That gives me a grief that is beyond all despair. And no one would understand what I am facing now even among the LGB community. Only the T would understand.

For once I realized why the T always said there is nothing wrong with prostitution. Even some of the LGB and society do not really mind us being in the sex trade. I even have friends who are going to suggest to me some GRO jobs in some sleazy karaoke bar. It is a way for some good cash. It is as if this can be considered a way of life better than doing nothing. As if this is our place, and also my place in this world. Well, I had my worth of a normal life for the past one year. Seems nothing is going to stop this impending destiny. I admit. I am not that strong. I am fearful and afraid for my future.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Transphobia.

I was reading "Questioning Transphobia” on the “Transphobic Tropes” series written by QueenEmily. Just after the second part of the series, it got me into a mood of reflections of all the things that had happened to me for the past two and a half years of my life. All of the issues and incidences that she mentioned are so real in my life even now, and whichever country a transgender is living in, will not be spared to such problems, the only difference being in frequency, political climate and the level of transphobia which differs from each state of my country Malaysia and throughout of South East Asia.

I came out again, matured and ready to face the world on February 2006. At that time I was still growing my hair and took the full course of hormones required of me to undergo the transition. One of the most problematic problems that I faced was the problem of getting a job. My first employment then was in an IT company near my house. I was a sales executive. I specifically mentioned to my supervisor of my plans of transitioning. At that time it seemed acceptable. But soon all the tolerance I received turned slowly into hatred, as all of my colleagues were not comfortable working with me. The trend began.

In every company that I struggled to work with all these years, there is barely any recognition of my womanhood. The bosses liked to call be “boy”. Colleagues asked me why I “choose” to be a girl. Some company’s bosses accepted me but my co workers do not. Some of my co-workers do not mind hanging around with me, but the manager who first thought he was okay with me soon turned nasty and did all he can to get me out of his sight. In some I was fired, some I was played out. At least I was lucky enough to step foot into a company for at least a few months each to pay my dues. But looking for a job is hard. Of more than 200 e-mails and letters I sent out, less than 5 would call me for an interview. I would barely have the opportunity to even see the human resource manager. Getting through an interview alone would be considered by me as a great achievement.

Then there was the violence. Beaten up at a pub for “not knowing my place”. Drugged and raped by so-called friends. Asked to give a blowjob by a policeman during a roadblock. When I was staying at an intermediate cost apartment my car would always be the victim. I would always find my car purposely scratched on the left, dented with either a kick or something and derogatory labels written with a knife on the surface of my boot. Even my tyres were not spared. Air would either be let out or my tyres, or there would be nails around them. Fixing the damages was so tiring and expensive. So I just gave up.

After that of course, would be the church. Being a devout Christian I felt it was necessary to go to church. But the churches I went to have problems with me (all 3 recommended me to Real Love Ministry aka Edmund Smith!) The fourth was friendlier, but there was an air of judgement in attitude, to questions in regards to my “lifestyle of dressing up”; I just got fad up. The fifth church if you can call it one, is the Real Love Ministry group. At first, they seemed to accept me. In the end, they are making attempts to “change” me.

Working for an NGO in Kuala Lumpur, I then realized I am not alone. And there were worse cases then me. Murders of transgender prostitutes behind the streets off the Raja Laut, especially the Indian sex workers. Brutality from the Islamic Religious Department. Violence by policemen on the Malay transgenders. Some of them were fortunate to have the PT Foundation to look after their welfare. Some were not so fortunate, and they were even afraid to voice out, because the newspaper in Malaysia would ridicule them.

Unlike in the US, there are no organizations here to regulate what the media says about people like us. Calling us by wrong pronouns is acceptable. Any murders would be met with the fixation of the “he” who dress in a “bra”. We are branded a “cultural problem” or a social ill. Some of us who are Malays would even be sent to something like an ex-gay camp in Terengganu in an attempt to “rehabilitate” us. The hate management is made worse by groups such as Real Love Ministry constantly wanting to go around spreading the spirit of intolerance by calling us “males who want to be females”. It is amazing that the media and these information presenters can be so ignorant of their misrepresentations.

So what does that leaves me? I was supposedly going change the gender marker on my identity card to female soon, but that is not going to happen after the Chonburi debacle. I had someone to watch over me in Australia, but I now have to watch over myself in Malaysia. Is there still hope for us in this country? I do not really know. Some of us are blessed with corporate jobs while some make do with the office job or pub job plus some sex work at night. Certain few passed as females, and would hope no one would out them, ever. Some of us are even lucky having supportive boyfriends. But the numbers are too few to really give any securities for the future of my sisters here, even for girl like me.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gender Confusion In The Wild World Of The Land And The Sea.

One of my regular readers Ephilei, posted a neatly written article in her blog. Entitled “Clownfish Deal Blow To Conservatives”, she presents a clear picture about the “abominations” happening in the kingdom of the Great Barrier Reef, an indication that such immorality is spreading. This is dangerous, Clownfish at home may cause gender confusion in your children.

Defying both Natural Law and the Word of God, clownfish are seeking and completing sex changes at a staggering rate exceeding 50%. Clownfish, as God's punishment for their perversion, are exclusively born male. Not getting God's genocidal hint, individual males form "harems" of two reproductive and several pre-pubescent fish. The larger of the post-pubescent males changes sex into a female who commits an abomination with her his "partner." Quite a few abominations as "she" lays hundreds or thousands of eggs. If the sex obsessed transexual "female" dies, the father will continue her perverted legacy by having a sex change too. Then, proving that transexuals are pedophiles too, one of the young harem boys "coincidentally" happens to become old enough for sex at the same time the females dies. As these freaks raise their children, the circle of immorality continues.
She also mentioned some ultra-conservative groups trying to stop the “transgender agenda” coming from the united tranny community of "worms, snails, and some species of frogs."

Surely such disgusting acts of decayed sexuality will not go unnoticed by ex-gay groups. They must stop this perversion by asking them to become ex-transsexuals and die off! Mr. Dobson, do something before the children of the world follow these immoral examples...

Two other forms of creatures that may have the lonely longing of being someone they are not and are in the repulsive state in denial of the sexuality they are born with are....

Chickens in dire need of some reparative therapy:

One out of 10,000 chickens will be gender confused and suddenly decides on changing themselves into another sex. When there are no roosters to mate with, the hens will then change sex to be one of the roosters (Exodus International can note this as the “distant rooster”, or the “overbearing hen” scenario; Real Love Ministry could probably call this a distortion of gender identity caused by all the self, barrier and vacuum issues). Incredible.

A group of Black Sea Bass butches:

Confused since 2 to 5 years of age all (yes, I repeat, all) the Black Sea Bass are born females, and all of them change to males! The change is rapid in captivity. Heavens me! Experts are trying to prevent the sex-change in order to breed them to be able to eat them!

The Giant "FTM" Sea Bass:

Credit to Ephilei for uncovering this, which some would view as perversions that will eventually destroy society as we know it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

BERNAMA And The "Homosexual".

Today, former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim takes the stands to refute the allegations that he committed sodomy. Those who are well-versed with the Malaysian political scenario would probably realise this is the federal government’s attempt to black face an opposition leader. The man involved was allegedly sodomized by Anwar 8 times. That means it is consensual. So I am not going to dwell on whether it happened or not, or whether Anwar is indeed a gay man. What I will focus on is this: does sexual orientation really prohibits a person from fulfilling his duties to a nation? Does it really matter?

Well, according to the Malaysian National New Agency (BERNAMA), homosexuality matters. So why is that? Because there is some kind of contagious morality disease that had swept the West and its octopus-like tentacles are stretching far out to our beloved South-East Asia, to the land called Malaysia. Now, Malaysia is proud of its first class facilities and infrastructures, but no doubt it is an embarrassment for having third class mentality. How? By having their news agency calling homosexual (noun, describing a sexual orientation) as homosexual (noun, some disease form of malignant moral cancer that acts out on unsavoury behaviour). They went as far as stating that the “cancer” is infectious.

Let us see some of the awe-inspiring comments mustered out by BERNAMA:

The term homosexual is also used for the same-sex sexual relation between persons of the same sex who are not gay or lesbian. (emphasis added)

What is that? Homosexuals are neither gay or lesbian? The report writer Ms. Melati Mohd Ariff already placed one huge foot into her mouth before she even got to her point. At least we can see now just what an educated authority in terms of homosexuality this writer is:

In the West, the morally wrong and corrupt homosexual act has turned into a sort of plague, spreading its tentacles far and wide, engulfing individuals with the tendency of adopting this immoral self-indulgence.

Wow, blame the West. So the western visitors started a homosexual plague? So is the Tourism Ministry going to ban westerners from traveling here, since they started it?

In the country today, the gay lifestyle is believed to have sprouted rampantly. A point to note is the mushrooming of the gay clubs.

So there are no problems with the mushrooming of straight clubs. Women dressed to kill looking for men with whisky’s, men who are looking for sex in clubs, girls some as young as their teens soliciting money and offering sex. And again, it is getting annoying. What is the “gay lifestyle”? Especially when even the new song by Usher blurted out “I wanna make love in this club!” Is the "straight lifestyle" much holier and great? If not, then why Ms. Melati not do a piece on the “straight lifestyle”. Ban all MTVs, stop romantic movies on show!

Datuk Dr. Maamor Osman is the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) secretary-general:

On the health aspect, Dr Maamor said homosexuals who indulge in anal intercourse are prone to various risks.

"As this system is not for erroneous acts, it invites various risks like Aids, hepatitis, haemorrhoids and septicemia (bacterial infection of the blood)), said Dr Maamor, adding that this unnatural sex act also draws various sexually transmitted diseases".

And again, lesbians are not spared. The word sodomy by the way basically means “anal sex”. That means even heterosexuals indulge in it. But Dr. Maamor said it so blatantly like only homosexuals do it there. It is like sodomy only happens for homosexuals. Dr. Maamor totally overlooked this fact: homosexuals can be women. Yes, get an education Dr. Maamor. Lesbians are still the safest in sex among subsets of all sexual orientations. The Centre of Disease Control even recommends lesbians not to have sex with straight men!

Factsheet from the Centers Of Disease Control And Prevention:
"Health care providers need to remember that sexual identity does not necessarily predict behavior and that some women who identify themselves as WSW or lesbian may be at risk for HIV infection through unprotected sex with men. (emphasis added)"

Yusri Mohamad is the The Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim) president:

"There is no difference between a homosexual act and adultery. Hence, severe punishment should be handed down against homosexuals. Prevention and punishment must be executed", said Yusri...

...Yusri calls on the authorities to conduct raids, akin to that held for drug-prevention operations at nightspots and entertainment centres.

Hence, the government is seen as taking stern and firm action to curb this moral
decadence, unlike the western nations that provide the so-called freedom to such debauchery.

Now if there are really great dirts in the language, this is it. Mr. Yusri should be excused for not knowing the differences. Sexual orientations have nothing to do with adulterous behaviour. Homosexuals are just as heterosexuals, both can choose to be faithful to their partners or otherwise, is it not so? So just where is the “no difference"? And again I stress, would the raids arrest girls and guys who may be attempting to have sex later? As for the “so-called freedom to such debauchery“, there is a name to it. It is called living in integrity as who they are, to love and live in liberty and equality as anyone else in the world. The human right to love and cherish the one they love. Again, the right to love.

Datuk A. Vaithilingam is the Malaysian Hindu Sangham president:

Vaithilingam calls on parents to exercise caution in and give the issue a serious look in the efforts to prevent their children from being trapped in the homosexual clutches.

He said the community should be exposed to education and counselling on the homosexual topic to create awareness among the public on the ills and evils of this felony.

Serious attention should also be given against illicit sexual relations in order to prevent it from becoming a menace to the society.

I could only see one laughable point here. Just how do homosexuals clutch children? So, does that mean if a straight 13 year old boy watches porn that involves lesbians, the boy would automatically be gay? Or a 13 year old girl watches on what involves gays, they will be lesbians? Just from where he gets research that the homosexuals had their “grasp” on children is beyond me. Speaking of education, I wonder from where did he get this ultimately pseudo-theory from. “Ills and evils of this felony?” So just what is so ill and evil about it? How does it become a “menace to society"? So does he mean, when somewhere in the world two lesbians make love in bed, someone would suddenly rob Mr. Vaithilingam? When two gays go out dating, someone will attempt to rape Ms. Melati? Absurd!

In this context, Dr Maamor concurs with Vaithilingam that the parents need to boost their knowledge in order to shoulder the immense task of preventing their offsprings from being drawn into the evils of homosexual acts.

Parents should not feel embarrassed if they ask for advice and counselling from the
experts to overcome this issue.

Again; evils of “homosexual acts”? There are some problems when both insist, that when people are in love, it is “evil”. That is no longer a commentary. It is hate-mongering towards a specific group of people. That is marginalizing an already misunderstood community. And with such misunderstanding Dr. Maamor and Mr. Vaithilingam have towards this sexual orientation they know nuts about, they actually want to speak about it? So which experts are to be recommended to parents? Anti-gay ones? Homophobic educators?

Dr Maamor said the Information Ministry may use the electronic media to disseminate information on the warfare against this social scourge. (emphasis added)

So Dr. Maamor is declaring “war” on a group of people. What an educated response in having the information ministry presenting biased information about a group of people they hardly know about. Social scourge? Say, I am curious to see what he and his wife are doing in their love life, and then call it as a “social scourge”? Would anyone like it? Maybe we can regulate that too.

Meanwhile Yusri calls on the authorities to monitor male artistes and actors that are prone to portray 'feminine' image.

"We are not saying that all of the 'womanly' males are gays but many of the gays are from this group."

"We do not wish these people to be used as the idol and role model", he said.

Many gays are “womanly”? Unfortunately most gays are very proud to be male, masculine and strong. These stereotypes are completely out and show just how much knowledge young people such as Mr. Yusri has about homosexuals. That is why Ms. Melati uttered the next wrong line:

Clearly, the homosexual phenomenon is against the human natural behaviour and should be swiftly and firmly dealt with. (emphasis added)

Researches from the past decade had again, and again, and again (and again of course), show the clear natural biological essence to homosexuality, with only slight enviromental influences. To deny fact by calling it “against human natural behaviour” would probably haunt anyone taunting it back with: you are bloody out.

The article ends with Ms. Melati’s gentle warning:

Not everyone wants to see the country to be overwhelmed by the influx of moral decadence that erupt from those who are out to draw the people into the dark
ages of morality.

It looks like Ms Melati is out to draw people back into the dark ages of mentality.

Unintelligent reporting. Misinformed position. Parroting of pseudo-theories. And statements totally based on nothing but lack of knowledge and bigotry. An attempt to propagate hatred towards a group of people who’s only sin is to love their own sexes. All these from one of the most respected source of news and information in Malaysia.

What is my country coming to?