Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gender Confusion In The Wild World Of The Land And The Sea.

One of my regular readers Ephilei, posted a neatly written article in her blog. Entitled “Clownfish Deal Blow To Conservatives”, she presents a clear picture about the “abominations” happening in the kingdom of the Great Barrier Reef, an indication that such immorality is spreading. This is dangerous, Clownfish at home may cause gender confusion in your children.

Defying both Natural Law and the Word of God, clownfish are seeking and completing sex changes at a staggering rate exceeding 50%. Clownfish, as God's punishment for their perversion, are exclusively born male. Not getting God's genocidal hint, individual males form "harems" of two reproductive and several pre-pubescent fish. The larger of the post-pubescent males changes sex into a female who commits an abomination with her his "partner." Quite a few abominations as "she" lays hundreds or thousands of eggs. If the sex obsessed transexual "female" dies, the father will continue her perverted legacy by having a sex change too. Then, proving that transexuals are pedophiles too, one of the young harem boys "coincidentally" happens to become old enough for sex at the same time the females dies. As these freaks raise their children, the circle of immorality continues.
She also mentioned some ultra-conservative groups trying to stop the “transgender agenda” coming from the united tranny community of "worms, snails, and some species of frogs."

Surely such disgusting acts of decayed sexuality will not go unnoticed by ex-gay groups. They must stop this perversion by asking them to become ex-transsexuals and die off! Mr. Dobson, do something before the children of the world follow these immoral examples...

Two other forms of creatures that may have the lonely longing of being someone they are not and are in the repulsive state in denial of the sexuality they are born with are....

Chickens in dire need of some reparative therapy:

One out of 10,000 chickens will be gender confused and suddenly decides on changing themselves into another sex. When there are no roosters to mate with, the hens will then change sex to be one of the roosters (Exodus International can note this as the “distant rooster”, or the “overbearing hen” scenario; Real Love Ministry could probably call this a distortion of gender identity caused by all the self, barrier and vacuum issues). Incredible.

A group of Black Sea Bass butches:

Confused since 2 to 5 years of age all (yes, I repeat, all) the Black Sea Bass are born females, and all of them change to males! The change is rapid in captivity. Heavens me! Experts are trying to prevent the sex-change in order to breed them to be able to eat them!

The Giant "FTM" Sea Bass:

Credit to Ephilei for uncovering this, which some would view as perversions that will eventually destroy society as we know it.

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nakedwriter said...

The book by Joan Roughgarden, "Evolution's Rainbow", is a fascination discourse about the hundreds of birds, fish and a few mammals, which do not conform to the traditional roles, genetics and behaviour of male and female as we human beings define them.

Look it up.