Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let Us Pray For Real Love Ministry.

I realized today that up to last month Edmund Smith and gang still prays for me, as they have been doing for the past few months.

The Sample:

Please pray for Vivienne @ Yuki who was once helped by RLM. *He* is a transgender (*male wanting to be female*). *He* is aggressively moving from one website to another (internationally) trying to ruin the name of Ps Edmund and
Real Love Ministry. Pray for Jesus to touch *him*. (emphasis and * * added)

As I am so deeply grateful for both their attention in prayer; I Yuki Choe, make a promise to open this prayer session (and others can join me) for him, his wife and his ministry every month too until they stop, so that they will no longer be a danger and a threat to the LGBTs with their misinformation and deception.

And also I personally pray to God for forgiveness; because Edmund Smith and Amanda Smith failed to respectfully call me by the correct pronoun (note the * * above) , I shall cease to look at them at face value, and start to call Edmund "her-she" and Amanda "him-he".

(So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets - Matthew 7:12 (New International Version))

Please pray for both Sister Edmund Lawrence Smith and Brother Amuamanda Smith (I respectfully call them their full names) to be able to learn to call me by my name Yuki Choe instead of adding the annoying @ and Vivienne (as I am divorced).

Please pray for both of them to read more about Harry Benjamin Syndrome or Gender Identity Disorder, and also what is a transgender from authorative sources. That is why psychiatrists calls me girl, and do we really want to listen to personal dogma based on no facts here?

Please pray for both of them to now concentrate on my writings for only three sites, “Ex-Gay Watch” in which I am now a writer, my personal blogsite “Yuki's Box Of Chocolates”, and the advocacy site “Tilted World”, and make them realise I have no time to write for other "international sites".

Please pray they read what I write before condemning me of spending too much time on Real Love Ministry, as I have other articles they seem to not appreciate about other ex-gay ministries.

Please pray for Sister Edmund's CDs to sell well because she may only be parroting non-sense, but she did it to support her two kids.

Please pray for Our Saviour to touch them so that they can see they are actually not reading my other interesting articles which may benefit them for their ministry.

Please pray for both these pastors to start acting like pastors.

Please pray for Sister Edmund's credibility, because after she lost it last year she is becoming desperate.

Please pray for Brother Amuamanda to stop being a Christian extremist.

Please pray for their children because they are growing up being the children of an ex-gay man (or ex-lesbian woman?).

Please pray for both of them to stop calling me a he, because I am already more manly than Sister Edmund (tounge-in-cheek!).

Please pray for both of them to be diligent in distributing factual information instead of parroting misrepresentation of homosexuals and transgenders.

Please pray for Sister Edmund Smith and Brother Amuamanda Smith to stop being so lazy to do any research or study, and stop yelping reification fallacies upon unsuspecting and naive youths.

Please pray for both of them for the discernment to separate what is transgender and what is transsexual.

Please pray for both of them to stop accusing me of ruining their name, when they already ruined their own names by perpetuating dogma instead of facts.

Please pray for them that they stop making fool of themselves then come blame it on 'pro-gays'.

The most important prayer point:

Please pray that sister Edmund Smith and brother Amanda Smith stop this highly dogmatic and headless chickenish behaviour called RLM towards the homosexual and the transgender community; and that they really stop being so false and without truth in their direction; and start to look, stare and observe as God reveals more to the world about his diversed creations here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and most definitely here. Pray that they wake up and realise the world is round, unlike the world they are living now which is flat and narrow.

In the name of Our Father In Heaven, Our Saviour His Son and the Holy Spirit.



Sam said...

What kind of pretentious name is "Real Life" Ministry!?

Yuki Choe said...

It is not "Real Life", but "Real Love" Ministry. They do not believe "homosexuals" exist, so they wish to convert "homosexuals" to experience the "real love" of a man and a woman. There is just one problem to their stand. Homosexual love do exist. Trully. Period.