Friday, July 31, 2009

This Is What Bigotry And Prejudice Looks Like.

In today’s Star newspaper, at the Opinions column, I noticed this letter written in by Saw Wee Leong from Shah Alam, Selangor. Saw claims that the conditions of Berjaya Park has deteriorated since 2001. And the situation is getting out of control. He feels the residents are now “prisoners” in their own homes, and a menace is out and about the place now, in place of residents roaming around it.

The person calls the menace; foreign workers. And what will happen if this menace is unguarded?

Social illnesses, diseases, etc, brought in and spread by the foreign workers
are inevitable.

It is amazing how as human beings will continue to view people different than ourselves as "social illnesses” and having some kind of disease. I wonder what is on this letter writer’s mind when he brands the vice of probably a few as the work of Foreign Workers (tm). These totally unjustifiable claims of moral and bodily sicknesses are all norms of course to the transgender, lesbian and gay community in Malaysia, and people are more than willing to agree with these ludicrous statements to confirm their bias, even though most of it is utterly bollocks. And annoyingly of course, by my experience talking to some of the more religious of people, they even invoke the name of God to make their false claims, some even hiding behind their "love".


I am looking forward for the movie District 9. It shows exactly just how hospitable people we are. And the theme is all so common. We do not like people who are different. In this movie, we even discriminate against aliens. A reminder of the idiots we have become in order to exert our superiority over other living beings. If the world ever ends, it would be because of the actions stemming from hate.

Anyway, why not love, love, love?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's On Yuki's Mind: How I Feel About Some People Sometimes.

I have a medical condition, and I am not living a “lifestyle” nor have any choice in being who I am.

I am not in denial, why should you be?

If you wish to treat me as who you think I am based on your ignorance, it is fine by me.

I know I am a woman, if I am deluded I would not even realize who I am, or able to function as a human.

I do realize you love to judge people by your obsession with sex organs.

Unfortunately, many things in relations to sex and gender, and even life, are ambiguous.

But of course, you are too lazy to learn, or too deep into your lust of intolerance to even find out.

You even wish to misuse God to justify your bigotry?

You think you know me more than I know myself?

You are even confusing sex and gender, and you wish to tell me how to run my life?

This is me. I am a woman; a different, but a very normal woman.

Live with it; because I am.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Positive Developments As Most LGBTs Are Now Aware About Real Love Ministry.

Edmund Smith’s Real Love Ministry (RLM) have lost nearly all its influence on those born comfortable with their sexual orientation here in Malaysia. With his blatant false witness for homosexuals and transgenders using ambiguous information, along with redefining science and social constructs to fit his agenda; Edmund Smith has turned RLM into a heterosexist cult bent on justifying discrimination against homosexuals and transgenders using whatever means, including trying to get gays and lesbians sexually attracted to the opposite sex, and disguising their deception behind "love" and "God". Such miseducation only breeds contempt for those who understand about themselves, same-sex attractions and gender identity.

Lately he started wearing the “ex-transgender” tag (since transgenderism, or gender variance, is mostly a biological condition, I wonder how he “ex-ed” it. I mean, can you be ex-cerebral palsy or ex-A-blood?), after he yet again tarnished the invisible enemies he created called “pro-gays” and using the annoying word “lifestyle” out of context, which until now he still does not know the meaning and as usual twisting its definition to suit his “sermon". As a result, many have become ex-Christians because of him. Lately, sources mentioned that after more than a decade attempting to hijack people's sexual orientation, he only got a handful of “ex-gays”, which he calls people living in celibacy or the “heterosexual lifestyle” (What? So even this is different from “ex-gay lifestyle”? If you find this nauseating, it is because it is dizzying). People now can see and realize from the abysmal results of his "ministry", that his "change" is nothing but a way to make money and gain popularity at the expense homosexuals and transgenders by using societal prejudices against them and victimizing the very people he claims to love by the misuse of God's name.

Ergo, since almost all gays and lesbians with transgenders are now aware of his discriminatory antics, and how he cheats and uses LGBT people for his own gain; he has now adjusted his indoctrination level of parents and friends of LGBTs to full scale parroting of all the wrong stuff about homosexuals and transgenders, misinforming as much of them as possible, using lies and deception to paint homosexuals and transgenders in the most loving worse light possible to gain support from unsuspecting parents and friends of LGBTs. Unfortunately for him, PFLAG Malaysia has now been established, and I will be joining with them soon on ways to lessen the damage he is causing LGBTs in Malaysia. I was wondering to start an ex-gay survivors meet, but I realized that would not be necessary. Very few people are taken in by the snake-oil cure promised by them.

Whatever happens between now and years to come, they will be known among LGBTs as the ugly sister of the ex-gay ministries, and will leave a legacy of pain and hurt as they pronounce damnation of homosexuals and transgenders. And with his own shallow understanding of sexual orientations, his self created idealogy of transgenders that have no bearing in science, also his picking and choosing of information to present, coupled with his refusal to learn the real deal about LGBTS; not many people can relate to Edmund being a gay, as if he was never gay in the first place. If there is one person, and one ministry, that is the fine example of what “Christians” should not be, Edmund Smith and RLM are the definitive examples in Malaysia.

Yuki Choe wishes to thank Raymond and friends from NGOs such as PT Foundation in Malaysia, and several individuals from the Annexe Gallery for helping to keep track and spread awareness of the irresponsible activities of Edmund Smith and his cronies, and also giving me advice and proper channels to educate people on the harmful effects of the medically and scientifically rejected practices of reparative therapy performed by these so-called ex-gay ministries, while offering support to the LGBT community as a whole to affirm and strengthen ties the love for who they are. It is not easy being different, and it is even harder to live with these groups making us victims of their money making and controlling schemes, but it is in these challenges that we shall become better people and live wonderful lives.

There will be more battles ahead, as we tackle the more vile and extremely manipulative ex-gays from "Pursuing Liberty Under Christ".

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Century.

This is the 100th post here. And one year has past since the events of Chonburi unfolded. What a year it has been. But I certainly learnt a lot. And I guess one of the biggest lessons I learnt thus far is to choose relationships wisely. From my husband throwing me out like a dirty diaper to most friends who are uneasy of me, everything is an experience that points out this: not everyone that loves you or likes you, really do. I also realize I love my dad so much, and I have found peace and solace in my being. Of course, there are still the endless series of unfortunate events that happen in my life, but I am handling it better now than I did a year ago. I am thankful for my two incredible bosses who supported me all the way.

I accepted that things are never going to be easy for a transsexual woman like me. People will always assume things about me, and some will think they know me better than I know myself. There are also dumb asses who even after so much proof about the biology of transsexuals, they still turn their ignorant senses away, do not wish to answer valid questions, and pretend to be someone who knows transgenders more than transgenders know themselves, to the point they can become the word “judge”.

I am no longer speaking on behalf of the LGB community and only focus on ex-gay and transgender issues; even then I have so many problems keeping up. I got like 2 articles still unfinished and one big heck of a story coming up for XGW, but did not have time to finish it up or to travel to get the items needed. And as the probation period at my company comes to an end, there is a fear of what will happen to me for my future. At this point, I remember what my friend from Singapore told me before. We only have death to face. So what else is there for us to fear? Which is true. I never thought I would be able to continue my life last year. But here I am, with my 100th post. Wishing everyone, happiness.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's On Yuki's Mind: Depression VS Positive Thinking.

When circumstances are against you.

When friends turn you into an island.

When being who you are is not as rosy as it turns out to be.

When people ignore you from their social circles.

When the environment you are in makes you depressed.

When nobody understands you.

When you are just left alone with you.

So in the end when it all happens what is left?


But you are still alive?

When are you going to die?

But that is the point.

You are not dead yet.

So what are you going to do?

Just live.

And have a life.

Life Is Beautiful.

If all the things that had happened fail to kill you...

... it means you deserve every chance to live....