Friday, July 31, 2009

This Is What Bigotry And Prejudice Looks Like.

In today’s Star newspaper, at the Opinions column, I noticed this letter written in by Saw Wee Leong from Shah Alam, Selangor. Saw claims that the conditions of Berjaya Park has deteriorated since 2001. And the situation is getting out of control. He feels the residents are now “prisoners” in their own homes, and a menace is out and about the place now, in place of residents roaming around it.

The person calls the menace; foreign workers. And what will happen if this menace is unguarded?

Social illnesses, diseases, etc, brought in and spread by the foreign workers
are inevitable.

It is amazing how as human beings will continue to view people different than ourselves as "social illnesses” and having some kind of disease. I wonder what is on this letter writer’s mind when he brands the vice of probably a few as the work of Foreign Workers (tm). These totally unjustifiable claims of moral and bodily sicknesses are all norms of course to the transgender, lesbian and gay community in Malaysia, and people are more than willing to agree with these ludicrous statements to confirm their bias, even though most of it is utterly bollocks. And annoyingly of course, by my experience talking to some of the more religious of people, they even invoke the name of God to make their false claims, some even hiding behind their "love".


I am looking forward for the movie District 9. It shows exactly just how hospitable people we are. And the theme is all so common. We do not like people who are different. In this movie, we even discriminate against aliens. A reminder of the idiots we have become in order to exert our superiority over other living beings. If the world ever ends, it would be because of the actions stemming from hate.

Anyway, why not love, love, love?

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alan said...

Looking forward to that movie myself!

Love is all we need...