Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's On Yuki's Mind: Depression VS Positive Thinking.

When circumstances are against you.

When friends turn you into an island.

When being who you are is not as rosy as it turns out to be.

When people ignore you from their social circles.

When the environment you are in makes you depressed.

When nobody understands you.

When you are just left alone with you.

So in the end when it all happens what is left?


But you are still alive?

When are you going to die?

But that is the point.

You are not dead yet.

So what are you going to do?

Just live.

And have a life.

Life Is Beautiful.

If all the things that had happened fail to kill you...

... it means you deserve every chance to live....


Kamigoroshi said...

It's hard to say life is beautiful unless you redefine what beauty is for you. Especially for those of us who have lived the hard life, it's hard to accept other people's ideals of what is beautiful and what isn't.

So we redefine it, which not many people do to begin with because it's easier to subscribe to "normal". But by doing so, it means you don't just live, but you live the life that you want, and even in darkness, you know every reason to keep going, no matter what the costs.

The Unconscious said...

Don't give up. Just be yourself and no need to make people to understand who you are and the way your life is. After all as humans they never will understand things that are complex and not according to 'normal' as they would say. Maybe you're alone and maybe there are some people out there who would be in the same shoes as you are and some might understand the predicaments that you're go. Life is beautiful in the your own eyes.

Yuki Choe said...

Thanks everyone for your encouraging messages. Being in depression, I realise that positivity is not about denying realism, but rather accepting it and still attempt to find something good out of a situation.

And that was what kept me going one and moving forward in life. I guess when you are down depressed you will do all you can to make yourself happy and move on in life.

Naoko, I am glad this helped... :-)