Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's On Yuki's Mind: How I Feel About Some People Sometimes.

I have a medical condition, and I am not living a “lifestyle” nor have any choice in being who I am.

I am not in denial, why should you be?

If you wish to treat me as who you think I am based on your ignorance, it is fine by me.

I know I am a woman, if I am deluded I would not even realize who I am, or able to function as a human.

I do realize you love to judge people by your obsession with sex organs.

Unfortunately, many things in relations to sex and gender, and even life, are ambiguous.

But of course, you are too lazy to learn, or too deep into your lust of intolerance to even find out.

You even wish to misuse God to justify your bigotry?

You think you know me more than I know myself?

You are even confusing sex and gender, and you wish to tell me how to run my life?

This is me. I am a woman; a different, but a very normal woman.

Live with it; because I am.

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