Monday, July 28, 2008

We Exist, We Are Real... Unfortunately, You Are Not....

The ideology of homosexuality presented by Real Love Ministry (RLM) is really getting atrocious as I read Edmund Smith’s blog and his sister Helga Smith’s blog. Logical fallacies and wrong information are aplenty, and so is the questionable identity of Edmund Smith as a “has-been” gay identified person. My article at Ex-Gay Watch about them also throws into light the protective mentality of Edmund’s cronies. It seems that without examining, without even scrutinizing Edmund’s knowledge on homosexuality, they resort to vigourously defend Edmund’s poor understanding of the homosexual condition as if he is the ultimate voice. The problem is, all that Edmund knows about homosexuality are reification fallacies, which really raises serious questions on whether he "was" really homosexual or just a heterosexual who loves anal sex and blowjobs.

Readers of my previous blog “The Journey Of Yuki”, would remember the story about one of my former friends who broke up her friendship with me for him. Two matters come back to mind here. One, what goes on between me and Edmund is supposed to stay between us. Secondly, without even reading what I wrote in my blog, she decided to call what I wrote as crap. This behaviour is becoming a norm for all Real Love Ministry members.

For example, Edmund Smith’s wife Amuamanda Smith’s ignorance to my factual views. I commented on a young girl’s blog early this year, with the fear she would be brainwashed by the falsehood presented by RLM. This is Pastor Amanda Smith’s comment on the girl's blog:-

Dear Jojo,

The individual by the name of Vivian @ Yuki @ Anonymous @ etc who is going international via internet to destroy the name and ministry Ps Edmund & RLM (

This individual is a transgender (a male who believes that he is meant to be a female) who was once helped by Ps Edmund but became vicious because Ps Edmund refused to condone to his pro-gay and pro-transgender believes.

Vivian stalks the internet to see where Ps Edmund / RLM are mentioned. And like he did with yours – he will condemned Ps Edmund / RLM.

He is dangerous & definitely an instrument of the devil. What can you do?
1. Pray for him
2. Do not entertain him (many Christians are interacting with him like you did)
3. Warn your family and friends.

Real Love brings Real Life,
Ps Amanda Smith
(wife of Ps
Edmund Smith)

Few things come to mind here. If Real Love Ministry would have bothered to read my blog and Ex-Gay Watch, they would realize that I write in response to all ex-gay ministries, all over the world. Even the other ex-gay ministry in Malaysia “Pursuing Liberty Under Christ”, was not spared. Then, I only recently became more open in attacking their characters, because they attacked mine. But most of what I had written before mid-2008, contained nothing but decades of factual information, scientific research and hardcore truths about homosexuality as I have shown at the end of my last post. It also seems to me now that they have no ability whatsoever to reason like adults.

They are acting as if they are afraid that people would know the truth about homosexuality, to the extent they ask everyone they know not to interact with me, as shown in Amuamanda's response in quote above. They even childishly copy and pasted a long warning that serves to undermine their state of mind, as comments to several blogsites, without realizing that doing so they only show to mature young adults that they have nothing but completely dogmatic views and unable to accept the truth staring on top of their faces.

As if the truth is staring at them so hard that they could not utter a single intellectual response, they resorted to ad hominem attacks on me, calling me the ridiculous line, “dangerous & definitely an instrument of the devil”. You see, I am a Christian. And the Bible very clearly says that you can judge the person’s Christian character by their fruits. So with such deception, defamation and lies from them, is it not obvious who is working for the devil?

Matthew 7: 15-20.
15"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

I also cannot help but roll on the floor laughing when I read this post from Helga Smith:-

Our biggest highlight was the Central Market Mission, where we as missionaries went out in pairs to minister and bless the street community and by the grace of God we were able to share Jesus into their lives. This took place at midnight where the street community includes of the beggars, the drug addicts, the prostitutes and the homosexuals. At first this wasn’t an easy assignment for me personally because I was afraid to be rejected or to be told off. We brought along some food with us as we move out in pairs. It was easier to approach them as we had something to offer them. My partner Sai Ho and myself, we were truly blessed. We managed to talk to a number of people and we managed to even share about Jesus to them. We also managed to pray with them, glory to Jesus, I saw tears flowing from some of their eyes. Some of them regretted to have chosen this walk of life and I personally know that we brought hope to them. It was truly a joy to bless this community. (emphasis added)

(YUKI's interjection: Regarding these words in italics in relations to prostitutes in Malaysia, I am very angered. What are they thinking? Prostitutes in Malaysia are either forced to whorehouses (to pay off debts, to make money, some are sold there by their husbands, parents etc) or forced by economy or lack of job opportunities (example: these "loving" organizations like RLM keep telling the public that transgenders are males. So with such persuasion who would hire transgenders? So my transgender sisters have no choice but to sell themselves. Bad, bad RLM!) How dare they take advantage of this group of people to perpetuate their core myth of “choice” and “regret”! Shame on them for trying to brand themselves as heroes giving "hope". Hope is supposely given only from God! Anyway, most homosexuals are now hoping RLM to keep their mouth shut, since RLM like to talk of well-adjusted homosexuals as "marginalized"!)

I shall not deny that there would be people present at the Central Market after midnight. But what people? Let us examine the two of them. Prostitutes. They are heavily guarded by “tontos” working to alert any curious movement from anyone especially a police. At the doorstep of each lot that houses the prostitutes, there are “daddies” securing outside to cast away unwanted people. Most of the girls are on call, so they would be very busy. With such situations it is almost impossible to “reach out” to them unless RLM is based on the streets on a very regular basis, offer cash, or working for an NGO to distribute condoms, which is a point of benefit for the “daddies” because they would want their girls free from HIV/AIDS. There would be of course a few of them that are looking for customers individually, but only few of them. And most of that few would be Malays.

Homosexuals. Most of them no longer loiter around at Central Market. Ever since the club “Liquid Bar” moved last year, all of them have changed their location for hanging out to a park which the PLU dubbed “The Lost World”. No doubt, there would still be the presence of a few homosexuals at Central Market. But then, what would RLM's modus operandi be? The RLM gang are talking as if every homosexual person would have the word “gay” written on their forehead. Are they going to ask every each person there “are you a homosexual?” and risk losing their face? And also, of those few homosexuals that still cruise there, most of them are Malays.

They placed prostitutes and homosexuals alongside drug addicts and beggars among the people they visited, which is virtually an impossible scenario. Add to that most of them are Malays and they had a Christian outreach. Interesting, I wonder what the religious authorities have to say about that. Anway, it is so clear that leaves them only (yes only) reaching out to the drug addicts and beggars. Yep, so much tears for the entire four communities they reach out for when two are almost inexistent for them to “outreach” to. Hey, maybe some of the RLM members would be willing to sell their cars so that some prostitutes can be bought out from the trade. That would be a real heroic act! Unfortunately, RLM is just RLM.

Such is “Real Love Ministry”. Calling a person that exposes their lies as the instrument of the devil. Unwilling to listen to anything real about homosexuals except those coming from Edmund Smith’s throat. Unable to discuss anything intellectually. And likes painting a big bad picture about homosexuals and transgenders, with love of course. Then painting a picture as if they are doing something good for homosexuals when they actually cause more harm. Can you feel the love? Anyway, a simple rebuttal on the root theories of Real Love Ministry.

Edmund Smith, as exposed in Ex-Gay Watch and my blog, admitted that sexual orientation (including homosexuality) is not a choice and is inborn. But according to him, a person can choose their “sexual behaviour” (buzzer 1: so asexuals are to be coerced to have sex?). So by this equation, as displayed clearly on his blog, he calls homosexuals who are celibate as “ex-gays” (still akin to ex-smokers or ex-drinkers type of ex) (buzzer 2: so they mean the heterosexual orientation is innate but it is also automatically addictive?). So according to him and his logic, why not this equation: Heterosexuals who are celibate = ex-straights? (buzzer 3: Total discriminative double standards, is it not?). So RLM, why such three sided contradictions and confusions? And bloody hell, why still pick on homosexuals? Having zero knowledge on transgenders and talk about it likes he knows a lot, while stuck in Primary Three education on maleness and femaleness, I guess only two things fascinates Edmund Smith's mental state now:

A penis and a vagina.

I end with this quote and response from a recent Ex-Gay Watch article. It really speaks of just exactly how these ex-gay movements, like RLM, goes about their business:

David Roberts, on July 25th, 2008 at 5:19 pm Said:
"Don’t reveal that vulnerable place where it just feels like this is part of who you are – because that just perpetuates this ‘problem’ and will keep you from emerging into your true heterosexuality."

Would this also be why Exodus staffers, particularly Randy and Alan, obsessively cling to the newspeak of “gay-identified” and “struggling with SSA” etc? It certainly seems that anything which refers to homosexuality as a definite orientation that some people “just are” drives them into overdrive. Then again, if one wants to believe they can change that, it would be most helpful to foster a belief that it is not real to begin with. (emphasis added)

Michael Bussee, on July 26th, 2008 at 2:06 pm Said:
David, Bingo! You are right on when you said “Then again, if one wants to believe they can change that, it would be most helpful to foster a belief that it is not real to begin with.”

There is not “orientation”, only “temptation”. There is not gay, just “gay indentified”. There are no real homosexuals, just confused or damaged straight ones.

Language is all important to these ministries. I call it “EXODUS newspeak”. The question, “Can gays change” is easliy answered “yes” — all you have to do is redefine what gay means (or insist that it doesn’t really exist anyway).
And “change” means whatever you want it to mean. You can be “ex-gay” even if you are “falling” several times a week — as long as you “repent” after each fall. (emphasis added)


LadyVanity said...

alright... please forgive me for making that mistake :)

i'd love to be able to talk to you further... and dont worry im not one of those people trying to 'convert' someone into something thats supposedly 'right', or 'straight'...

do u have facebook?

take care =)

Yuki Choe said...

"do u have facebook?"

Already added you. Your love and support is appreciated. Thanks. : )

Yuki Choe said...

Thanks, it is good to know that we are both coming out to have our voices heard, along with many others.

Let us keep affirming our community, while diligently building bridges, although some quarters still choose to burn them for the sake of their own pride and prejudice. : )

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