Thursday, November 20, 2008

Transphobication Of The Day # 1: Real Love Ministry.

Not content with calling me with the wrong pronouns, and also claiming I am an “instrument of the devil”, the very nice trans-bigoted couple Sister Edmund Smith (really a sister of mine! He calls himself Alicia in the comments! I really believe Sister Edmund is a closet transvestite.) and Brother Amuamanda Smith decided to drop by to Tilted World today to state their case against me. While posing as Edison Chong (the e-mail was recorded as Amuamanda’s. Really a brother!), He/She goes to this we love gays so much that they come to us automatically to change without force. Wow. That sounds so… duh!

Then Alicia (Sister Edmund in disguise according to the e-mail address, and with the same IP address as Brother Amuamanda’s post), delivered this shocking transphobic attack:

Yuki is a LIAR! I know that freak. Do not help him!!!

And that earns Real Love Ministry not only the title of “real true bull transphobics ministry”, they even earn spotlight on my new column: Transphobication Of The Day!


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