Monday, October 13, 2008

A Warrior Princess Against The Tide.

I am finally called for some job interviews, and I really appreciate everyone for helping me out on that department. I hope to secure a few more interviews and claim one of the jobs, and perform it to my best to my ability. Whatever job that comes my way, I give myself a period of 6 months to a year to at least achieve something. The future is still a blank page for me; all the jobs opportunities are really far away from the area I am staying, and I am still in danger of losing my car within this month. The good thing is I had secured another month at where I am staying, so hopefully something will turn out so that I can manage to get a new place to stay. This is probably the one time I am going through all these by faith.

Financially I am still at a terrible shape. The odd meals here and there (it was an opportunity, but disappointingly my body still refuses to lose some weight) is not even enough to get my petrol meter going up a notch. And today I am going to another interview with a non-governmental organization with the empty tank warning light blinking again. This is not the kind of life I wish to live. But if one thing good can come out of this, is that I will learn back how to live a simple life. This way, I can start saving money again, first to get myself back into shape and for my medium term goal, the SRS.

Blogging itself is a problem for me now. I wish I can spend more time researching and commenting on issues around the world in regards to LGBT issues, and share my life with all of you. But alas, I really am struggling with the resources to do so. But I am thankful that I am not presenting my life to a wall. You are all reading this spot somewhere around the world, and with that I can hold on to my life. And some of you really make me feel I am an significant part of your life and never give up hope for me, with that I can never give up hope on myself now. I have more esteem to keep on living. I am deeply grateful and touched with all the assistance you all are giving to me. And I will not fail all of you.

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