Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Korean Transsexual Female Commits Suicide.

The news came in late and there were many accounts on what happened, so I thought I would wait it out a little longer before compiling the news on this. Jang Chae-Won was famous for appearing in a show called “Truth Game” on Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) back in 2004, and was described as “a man dressing as a woman”. She won instant fame for being noted as even more prettier than a woman, but also notoriety for her transsexuals status. She later appeared again on the show as a post operative transsexual female, pretty as ever. She committed suicide on the night of October 3, at the age of 26.

There were controversies surrounding her cause of death, although the police ruled out foul play. But her postings on her website may shed a clue to what transpired. It was reported that last month, her postings were negative in tone, sentences such as “Will the end of my life be a comedy or a tragedy?” “Life is really tiresome” and “I wish everything would go the way I wanted.”. Her final posting reads “Mom, I’m sorry. I’ll do better next time.” The tone in which set precedence to her suicide was dreadfully similar to the death of another Korean actress Choi Jin-shil, age 40, both deeply linked to a lost of a loved one, and then both also began to show signs of great depression. There was also a believe that Jang's death may be closely linked to Choi's suicide, because after Jang broke up with her boyfriend, she deeply identified with Choi. And both suicides are also by hanging themselves.

Yuki's Thoughts: She was touted as the New Harisu. Looking at her, it is no wonder why. Undergoing severe depression as I am now, I can relate to her personally. It hurts, badly, to lose the one you love; and being a transsexual, someone to love and to be loved is so difficult to come by. And you just do not know who are the friends who you can trust, who would be there to comfort you; and the so-called friends that are just humouring you while laughing at your back. Life is really very sickening indeed.

See you in heaven, lovely Jang. Please send my regards if you see the other angelic sisters there.

(October really seems to be a month of LGBT tragedies. Lesbian and gay advocates will remember that young Matthew Shepard, was laying in the hospital fighting for his life, but still in the state of coma today at this time. He died a few days later. Check out this other heart breaking story on
Box Turtle Bulletin.)

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