Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Story On A Group Of Transsexual Sex Workers And Some Guy.

Harian Metro really have too much time in their hands. They really have nothing valid to report, so they have to fabricate sensationalizing news to sell their sorry piece of tabloid. Reading this piece in The Star’s English version of the Harian Metro article, any intelligent person would ask: So what is the point of the article, except to make transsexuals look like dastardly criminals?

A GROUP of transsexual sex workers in Chow Kit are using pornographic films to distract clients before robbing them, reported Harian Metro.

Members of the group would seduce the victim while another sex worker would try to steal belongings like wallets and handphones.

In a recent incident, a client known as Ping said he was asked to lie on the bed before choosing a free DVD pornographic movie to watch as a “warm-up”.

“The sex worker told me to take off my pants. It was then placed on a chair nearby,” said the 33-year-old chef.

Ping declined to elaborate on what happened next, but said he reached for his pants only to find that his handphone was missing from the pocket when he heard loud noises that sounded like a fight outside the room.

“I was even more surprised to find that my wallet, which was originally in my pocket, was moved to the top of the television set. Some RM400 was also gone,” he said.

After Ping repeatedly demanded the sex worker to return his valuables, she finally agreed to give them back, claiming that her friend had stolen them.

There are so many things wrong with this news piece I do not know where to start. For someone who can carry RM 400 in his wallet, it seems ridiculous that this “Ping”, would choose a transsexual female for companionship, rather than a Chinese female social escort or a female prostitute, which is all over Chow Kit. It is hard to believe.

And it mentioned that this is a group operation. So a person would book all the “members of the group” to be “seduced” by them all? This sounds like another piece of illogical crappy lie.

And of all the story on a transsexual “gang” that Harian Metro loves to report, one harmless sex worker was left all alone for this “Ping” to demand for his valuables back from her. Excuse me, where are the “GROUP of transsexual sex workers in Chow Kit”?

All this do not make sense, and seems like another blatant attempt to yet again demonize and misrepresent transsexuals. Nice piece of shit they reported.

Well, at least I must commend "The Star" that for once in this report, they called us "transsexuals" instead, and with the right pronouns.

Unfortunately, at the original source article at Harian Metro, these sotongs still love to call trans folk with deragatory labels like "pondan". The ignorance also breeds the stupidity of AsiaOne, who continues to call transgender people "transvestites". People often mentioned that the standard of news reporting in this region is not up to the mark. Well, we can thank these ignorant and prejudicial news sources for it. They have nothing to report but how "bad" we are.

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