Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Woman Against The Wind.

“Do not drop out of sight.” - David Roberts, my senior writer at Ex-Gay Watch, to me.

I am back for a while to update all of you on what is going on with my life. For starters, I got myself a new wonderful place to stay at Damansara Utama, but at a price. I will not be able to redeem back my car once it is fixed. I decided to part ways with my good sister in Singapore, after she accused me of being “too intense” on her blog. Perhaps she is too sensitive, after all she compared me to one of the other sisters she had problems with. It is sad.

I got back my wedding ring. Yep, my husband sent it to me. But no, it is not to take me back; in fact he written a note that he is too busy to do our marriage annulment. So here is a thought. Should I sell it, since I have no need for it and in need of money? Or should I keep it as a useless souvenir to haunt me for the rest of my life? I do not know. But even though the answer is obvious, being married before do complicate things. White gold is without much value though.

I received a surprise small donation from a senior from the Free Community Church, Singapore. Wow, someone there actually reads my blog? It would not be enough to do anything concrete with my car, but it did save me from a horrendous sinus infection (attack sounds more like it) by giving me a trip to the doctor. If you drop by again, thanks! Besides him there are also new readers and friends reading the Box. Hi everyone!

I will be involved in a stage play. The last time I have done one, was way back in high school, but a minor role. Here I am playing one of the protagonists. So I am happy, I need something to take me away from stress because I am diagnosed with hypertension. Great, I am barely 33 and have high blood pressure. So I am getting myself off the cause of it: My freaking job. I already handed in my month’s notice and now hunting for a new job.

So I am still running (I was all over PJ literally to get things like my insurance, summons and road tax done up). So hope things would work out. I wish I have my own computer, that way I can blog everyday! But that ambition is still miles away. Right now I have to persevere and get a new job, and attempt to get my car back from the workshop. I know some of you are praying or calling me on, so many thanks. Wish I can show you more how much I appreciate it.

I made a promise to my friend that I will not drop out of sight. So, I will try to pip in a post or few while I go through one of the most challenging periods in my life. Take care.


jepunlauee said...

regarding your wedding what you think is best..
hope your life will be better soon..all the best to you..(^0^)
whatever you do,remember even if you lost your hubby still got us as your friends..

alan said...

I could tell you he's a fool, but you already know that! Personally, I have enough things haunting me and if it had some value I'd probably cash it in...

I'm so very glad to find you here again! One of the few things I've proven good at in this life is worrying and though I know it solves nothing, I still do!

Stress is indeed one of the most horrific things there is for your health, so finding a way to deal with it should help immensely!

I look forward to hearing more of your theatrical experience...