Saturday, March 21, 2009

When You Are Real Love Ministry And You Fail To Answer Even A Few Of Your Critics... Just Censor Them... And Continue To Spam....

Google Cache as of 2nd Feb 2009. My commentary was already censored, and then I removed it (refer to their main YouTube page). Click on image to view at real size.

Real Love Ministry spammed their own YouTube site! As you can see from the google cache above, there were many positive reactions (all from Real Love Ministry members and "fans" with thumbs down from viewers) and a few negative reactions from the public (with some thumbs up in agreement) for his video. Now there is an avalanche of thumbs up on only positive comments about his video and negative comments are all censored with many thumbs down! It is quite impossible for that to happen, for there are only 848 views thus far, plus 9 votes putting the video rated only at 2.0! Gosh, after being exposed by several sites, and some even banned him for spamming (Edmund Smith writing in using different names to show some sort of numbers to his cause), the so-called “authority” on gays cannot help discredit themselves more with censorship and spamming their own site with many thumb ups! This is really unbecoming behaviour from a "pastor". I cannot wait for more funny acts of deceitfulness to report on. ^_^

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