Saturday, March 21, 2009

Slowly But Surely Climbing Out Of The Pits.

After more than two months without my car, this woman should be getting it back next Monday or Tuesday (unless there are any more delays at the workshop). I managed to post something up on Tilted World and here at the Box tonight. I was finally released by that NGO (but with heavy government involvement) workplace, therefore I am currently continuing my hunt for a good job opportunity. Having interviewed for some jobs as far as Cheras, I still await for their esteem reply. Now I am okay, I guess.

I gained some weight again, and having a bloated belly is really disgusting for me. Exercise is something most of us never seriously disciplined ourselves to do, but it is of course a well-known cure for beer bellies. The most meaningful event these past two weeks would be my pal Diana visiting me here at Damansara Utama, coming all the way from her house near Zoo Negara. Also had a good chat with my friend Thilaga. It is great to know that this depressed but fighting soul still have people who still care, especially after falling so deep into the pits again and again.

I will be finally meeting up with my friends for a production of an experimental play tomorrow. Hope to do more meaningful stuff for the community, and be back at my ranting best at this space soon. So to all of you who are still reading, thanks. I know I am going to be alone on my birthday next Tuesday, but at least I know some of you out there would be thinking of me, and of course I am thinking about you too. That makes love wonderful. I probably would seek peace and solace from God now that I have nearly reached another year since my birth, because somehow I know it is going to be another silent birthday full of thoughts, and wishful thinking.

Take care everyone.

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alan said...

Very happy to find you here again! Glad to hear about your wheels and that you have some thespian activities ahead!

I hope somehow your birthday turns out nice, whether you are alone or pleasantly surprised!

To have so much going on in your life and still care about doing things for the community is just one of many things that makes you so very wonderful!