Monday, March 23, 2009

What's On Yuki's Mind: Birthday.

So, I am going to be a year older tomorrow. A good time to reflect on what the hell happened the past three decades or more of my life.

I was hoping for a present from Manchester United, but they ended up being beaten 2-0 by Fulham.

I am supposed to receive a gift of a writing job in Cheras, but they have yet to call me.

My car workshop was supposed to present my car back for me this afternoon, but the boss there did not call me back nor answer my phone calls.

I guess I can forget about giving me a shoe from Princess for myself, because I need to save my finances for more urgent stuff.

I do not expect anyone to give me anything this year, because the economy is damn bad.

Birthday parties or surprises are of the past, and my friends have their own friends and issues so I do not wish to bother them.

But one thing stays constantly.

ME + 1 more year, and one more year to love and take care of me, while taking more responsibility on myself. It is the one thing that is lacking in my life. And also to show more love to all my friends, letting them know how much I cherish and appreciate them.

In the meantime, as the ex-gay Real Love Ministry spammed this media news site looking for Yasmin Ahmad in desperation for more followers (I find this really cunning yet funny, he started talking about the deaf, then went straight to mention about being ex-gay and ex-transgender, being happy and that she will read good and bad things about him once she googles him et all), and with many gay and lesbian friends already aware of their crazy pseudoscience and lies, I say I am pleased with the progress one part of my advocacy work, that is to create awareness of what lies behind ex-gay ministries such as these. Of course there will be more and others to come.

And the rehearsal yesterday for the play went well; it is still under wraps but it would be a great reading come Sexualiti Merdeka, then off to the full performance at the turn of the year. Met Dara Othman for the first time there, an inspiration, and I am chuffed to be acting beside her.

Things cannot be that bad, I am sure more good things will come after I am a year older tomorrow.

Other up and coming stuff I will be involved in:

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (I was casually invited to speak)

Malaysian TransAdvocacy Coalition (an NGO in progress)

What Ex-Gays Are Not Telling You About Ex-Gays (a talk I am working on)

Trans101 (an informative workshop and forum to understand what transsexuals/GID/HBS are really all about)

Freedom Film Fest (with the help of my friend Elaine, we may submit an

Transgender Day Of Remembrance 2009 (let us hope the list is a shorter one this time round)

Hopefully, I can get my life back on track along the way. It has really been a tiring topsy-turvy life in the past year for me.

But I am happy for all your love and support, locally and worldwide.



petersontoscano said...

Many Happy Returns of the Day! I am so glad you were born and that you are embracing your true self.

Lim Sze Wei said...

sorry for this late wish.
just had the time to read through blogs of friends.
anyway, happy happy birthday yuki!
may you be blessed with good health and energy to continue fighting for your true self :)

go! go! go!

Yuki Choe said...

Thank you for your love and encouragement. I need a lot of it, especially as I endure neverending struggles and adventures. And yes, this is me. Whatever happens, I can never go back to the days of suppressing who I am, and I never will. I will and must continue my journey. I am very proud to have you and all my other friends along this road ahead. Take care all!