Sunday, January 11, 2009

Open Forum: Transgenders And Transsexuals (What really is the difference?)

This is an open forum. With permission from Mercedes Allen and Zoe Brain, I would continue the discussion that started here and then here:

This is a no holds barred discussion. You all have the freedom to speak your entire mind.

Because this is a Malaysian blog, there is only the below:

Dislaimer: No anti-religious comments allowed. I shall hold no responsibility to the comments. The views expressed in the commentary here may not be views shared by me.

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Anonymous said...

Any person should have the freedom and liberties to live as they identify in world free from harrassment or disrespect as long as their choices doesnt physically cause harm to others. People get offended and insulted all the time thats a mental thing and they have to learn to deal with it and this world we all live in and strive for a better tomorrow.