Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Amateurish, At Times Stupid Rushed Story Of A Some-what Transgender.

This is CRAZY. I do not know whether to laugh, to cry or to be angry with this. Leave aside that these students seemed to have no knowledge of Sex Reassignment Surgery, the differences between those born with Gender Identity Disorder with cross-dressing tendencies and the horribly bad acting. But do I really look like that boy when I was young, huh? Are sex-change surgeries so simple that it does not even need a letter from a psychiatrist (if he goes to an illegal one, he would have probably been dead). Sickening!

But the message was ironically good in some sense, though I find it a total insult that the creator of this video downgraded transsexuals like me to a mere stick and balls issue even though facts says otherwise. So I forgive the complete idiocy of it and their utter non-understanding of transsexuals, because of the story involved (and the ending is funny).

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