Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Farewell Party, An Absent Friend, And A Love To Share.

I went to my young friend Dominic Lucien Luk’s farewell party last night. Fancy seeing Raymond Tai there and had a good discussion, one which we have not had for a very long time. I was however very disappointed with Sam Nasser who was daydreaming about himself and a plane crash, when Dominic really wanted to see him before he leaves on a real jet plane tomorrow. I wish he would at least had the manners to call and tell us he was not coming, and he stops being selfish thinking about his own hurts when a friend is going off and wants to see him. Perhaps in a way, I am reflecting on my own reactions.

Anyway, Dominic obliged when I asked him to demonstrate his piano skills yesterday after the party. And he did his best to play me a semblance of this song by David Foster. This song is 19 years old, back in the times of Fame and Footloose, and it is still relevant today. It is such an abstract that anyone would have their own stories to tell when they interpret this song. For me, it is for the hope of the future after a broken heart and a tortured soul. It is a renewal of my faith to love again and vary it to friends and family.

I hereby dedicate this song, one of my favourite instrumentals of all time, to:

- Dominic as he pursues love at Boston (He had a great year 2008! He was Bachelor no 12 in Cleo’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors!)

- Sam as he loses love in Malaysia (He had a bad year 2008 because of it. Ironically, my ex-husband is also called Sam.)

Love by fate will start,

and love in time will end,

But love on truth will never die,

because love at best will always be in you.

- Yuki Choe.

Yuki's Easy Listening:
Love Theme From St Elmo's Fire (with vocals):
For Just A Moment -David Foster featuring Donny Gerrard and Amy Holland.

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Sam said...

Didn't mean to ditch you guys without a call - it was just one of those crazy days where your phone dies, won't start up and the SIM card is useless trying to read it on other phones. I was so pissed. :3

Kinda regret turning you down to take me to Dom's place that night - it was possibly the only chance I had to meet him. Now I'll have to wait 2 years before I see him in person again. :(

Still, it was good to have been there for him - and him for me, even if it was for the last few months before he left. It meant a lot to me, just as much as you do to us Yuki. :)

Thanks for the song, it was very very sweet. :)