Monday, December 15, 2008

What’s On Yuki’s Mind: Gender Confusion.

Try as I may, and I had; I know that I am never going to be even more than 20 percent a presentable boy. Doing my utmost best, I can reach 80% of what a girl is and can be, but never 100% because I am never going to get pregnant, and missed an accumulated two and a half decades of life as who I am, a female. This is what I know in certain terms, and what I tell people if they ask. And I am comfortable living my life just as anyone else.

I asked one of my good buddies Sam over some drinks the other night. I asked him, "Are you a boy?". He answered, “YES!”. I asked him of his attractions and he immediately said, “I cannot help it. I really like boys. It is just in me”. Another of my friends recently got first place in a debate competition. She negotiated her arguments very well in order to build bridges with those who may not understand nor agree with her. You can read it here.

Now let us look up our beloved dictionary to find out the meaning of “confusion”.

the act of confusing.

the state of being confused.

disorder; upheaval; tumult; chaos: The army retreated in confusion.

lack of clearness or distinctness: a confusion in his mind between right and wrong.

perplexity; bewilderment: The more difficult questions left us in complete confusion.

embarrassment or abashment: He blushed in confusion

Psychiatry. a disturbed mental state; disorientation.

Archaic. defeat, overthrow, or ruin.

Now, many people would have heard of ex-gay ministries parroting the myth that LGBTs are “gender confused”. This includes Melvin Wong of Focus On The Family (Singapore) and Edmund Smith of Real Love Ministry (Malaysia). So can you find any single hint of “confusion” in the examples of people I had given ealier? No? Guess so.

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