Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Real Love Ministry Makes Slight Changes On Definitions... But Still Far Off The Mark....

Edmund Smith of the ex-gay Real Love Ministry made some adjustments in the list of “definitions” at his website.

As last reported from my TJOY blog, this is the previous one:

Now it is this:

Transgender: One whose psychological gender is opposite to his/her biological gender

Transsexual: A transgender who has chosen to live ones life as the opposite sex

Transvestite: A person who dresses up as the opposite gender for performances & etc

Alas, it is still far off. “One whose psychological gender is opposite to his/her biological gender” is actually the definition of a transsexual, not transgender. And a transsexual do not choose to live ones life as the opposite sex. It is already imprinted in the brain sex as the psychological gender.

At least, he now has got “transvestite” correct, which is commendable to one extent.

Now, if only he understands the real definitions, in the easiest to read form:

Transgender (TG):
A term used to include transsexuals, transgenderists and transvestites/ Crossdressers.

Transsexual (TS):
A person who feels a consistent and overwhelming desire to transition and fulfill their lives as members of the opposite gender. These individuals have usually been diagnosed as such, by a psychologist or psychiatrist as having GID. Most transsexuals actively desire and complete Sexual-Reassignment Surgery. Transsexuals live or are in the process of living full time as the opposite gender, whether non, pre or post-op.

Transvestite (TV):
The Latin and clinical name for "Crossdresser". A person who dresses in the clothing of the opposite sex for fetishistic reasons and has no desire to transition.

Or better still. Stop even mentioning anything about transgenders, especially when he is not an authority on transgenders, parrots his own opinions as “education”, and knows nothing about transgenders. Heck, he does not even have sources to put forth. Well what do you expect, when he believes in the dismissed-even-by-PFOX-and-NARTH-Richard-Cohen; and also quotes religious biased “research” from NARTH. I guess he will never use peer-previewed research from respectable medical professionals and scientists on boards with scientific authority, especially when it will tear his dogmatic teachings apart.

But what can you expect from a person who thinks homosexuality is nothing but an activity, a “lifestyle”? I guess illogical and irrational thinking take time to “cure”.

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