Monday, December 22, 2008

Unhealthy Heterosexual Lifestyle: From The Archives Of The Mighty Box Turtle Bulletin - An Example Of How Straight Marriages Lead To Many Sinful Acts.

This is really screwed! (literally). Now, I have many straight friends. In fact, I can boast that I have more straight friends (you can check out my Facebook if you do not believe me) than Rick Warren, who has only published one book “The Purpose Driven Life” to save his own sorry life, who was invited to minister at Barack Obama’s inauguration (and who opposes his gay “friend’s” marriage the same way he opposes to child rape, incest and polygamy). Well, I think we all should oppose all marriages, especially these straight marriages, because they may lead to sleeping with animals and sexually abusing children! I mean, just look at this fine example.

The wife has sex with her dog and a 15-year old teenager. While the husband takes photos!

Therefore, it is an awesome lie that gay marriages is bad if you think about it. (><) A little commentary by Jim Burroway:

This couple is legally married, and the state of Florida thinks their marriage is perfectly dandy. Florida schoolchildren are being taught that their marriage is just as good as anyone else’s — except for gay people. Because, you know, that’s a much bigger threat to marriage than people who have sex with dogs and with 15-year-old family friends.

I demand the Proposition 8 campaign to review the constitutional amendment that marriage is between man and woman. Ban marriage! Just have civil unions! No marriage, no big sin of divorce!

And no dirty nonsense such as these!

Thank you, Box Turtle Bulletin, for exposing this abomination called heterosexuality.

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