Friday, December 26, 2008

What Makes A Person Gay #2: Melvin Wong.

Melvin Wong was said to have been kicked out from the American Psychiatric Association. Gee, I wonder why... but it is no wonder that he shows such disdain for APA materials here enough to quote them out of context, and supports Focus On The Family's pseudo-"science". They always makes a mockery out of Dr. Robert Spitzer's research. What does Dr. Spitzer has say on this:

So said the real doctor. But the snake oil doctor Melvin has other plans. He is content to tell you that it is all because of your parents and environment. And that you gay men do not know that you are men. Is it not amazing that none of my gay friends identity as women? Heck even my cross-dressing sistas is proud of their libido. Duh!

Here is his list of Melvin Wong's famous Gender Identity Disorder types...

Sexual Sadism
Transvestic Fetishism

... and Melvin Wong is going to leave you blind with a warning at the end of this slide....:

Most are victims of sexual abuse?!

Let us see, what exactly should we do with Melvin Wong's research?

Yuki's Choice Reading:
Why? Oh, why do Focus On The Family and their buddies have to lie?! (examples here:)

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