Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Months Ago: Another Transgender Found Dead.

This news was on the Malay newspapers like Utusan Melayu, but there were hardly any reports of this on the English dailies, except for a small mention here in the Malay Mail. This happened last August 24th, while we were preparing for our national day celebrations. And this should make it three press reported transgender deaths in Malaysia, and as I found out last weekend, many do go by unreported in the media.

It seems when the body was found she passed as a female, therefore there were no questions as to who she is. And since she does appear female, it is probably safe to say she is a classic transsexual female. Until of course when they realized by fingerprints that she was a “male” they prefer to categorize her in the wrong gender. She was a regular drop-in at the PT Foundation transsexual programme centre and from there I can confirm that she is post-SRS. Even the people at the TS programme found it disturbing.

My emotions ran very high when I came to know about this at the centre last weekend. It is already very saddening that she had to endure a life full of challenges as a transsexual female, but she ended up getting killed while being just who she is. And even in her grave, she has to endure more insults by being addressed with the wrong pronouns, her identity mis-gendered and being called even in the title of the news, "man in woman’s clothes". It was not a nice way to die, to have her lifeless body chucked into a pool. Instead of letting her rest in peace, the press in Malaysia still wish to conform to their retarded ignorant dogma.

It was only about two months back that she died. But she will be remembered. And many more of us will stand up and tell the world: We exist. We deserve life. Stop disrespecting the dead. And stop the killing.

(The story is amended to reflect the correct gender identity of the victim. Please support TDOR 2009)

Body of transgender woman identified

THE body of a transgender woman found inside a water retention pond at Jalan Air Tawar, Air Panas in Setapak two days ago, has been identified as Kanan a/p Muthiah @ Suppiah.

The 42-year -old transsexual female with shoulder length hair was identified from her fingerprints as her personal documents were missing. Sentul district police chief ACP Zakaria Pagan said her last known address was 282-B, Batu 21/2, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.

When police conducted a check at the house, it was occupied by a family that does not know anything about her.

“We are urging her family members or friends to come forward to facilitate police investigations into her murder. So far nobody has come forward with any information,” Zakaria said.

Those who have information about her or the murder can contact ASP Aziz of the Sentul district police headquarters on 03-2610 2222 or 019-9280024.

On Monday evening, the trans woman's body — clad in a blue T-shirt and a purple dress — was found floating by an angler who went fishing at the pond.

Police believe she was murdered elsewhere and dumped into the pond.

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