Wednesday, September 30, 2009

While We Are Living, We Never Realize How Minute We Are.

At times, even as we seek faith to feed our emotional needs, the evidence and reality of something bigger, so much bigger and light years beyond our wildest imagination had always been there. What do you do, when in the end we are nothings. We may boast of a great Islamic God or a mighty Christ Jesus, we may be proud to be part of the biggest nation in the world or someday one of us may even hold the key to control the earth, whether in economic or political terms. One of us may even be the richest human being in the world. But then thinking about this: we are but a tiny mega-micro planet in a huge space of tenths of billions of light years with stars; now every single thing fades away into irrelevance and obscurity. Everything; and every single noise here ends up just silent in space, and all the struggles we face just seems buried underneath all the stars above, all the movement here, from violence to actions from religious extremists, they become invalidated by space out there. And if the earth is swallowed by a black hole tomorrow, the universe would not bother, while all that we believe as the human race gets swallowed in too. If you really listen at night, looking up; though small, you feel there is a kind of peace.

It reminds you that while the world is big, it is still a speck of dust among galaxies. For every world that ends, one is born. We are insignificant to the universe, but at least we are witnesses to it.

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