Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Living Leona" On The Box Of Chocolates.

I am pleased to announce that starting from this weekend (with permission from Leona Lo), I will be publishing Leona Lo’s articles and writings from her archived past blog site and media as a weekender edition here at Yuki’s Box Of Chocolates for the benefit of transgenders especially transsexuals here in Malaysia. “Living Leona” would be a selection of Leona Lo’s thought provoking and sensitive expressions in words. I share her views on most issues pertaining to our community. I am proud to be her friend. :- )

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Chrissie said...

A Google search on Leona Lo yielded some interesting websites, particularly the one from medindia.net.

It's very interesting...bout her biography and stuff..though the words "Pathetic Life" in title made me cring for a minute.

Thank you for sharing though, I am looking forward to the snippets :)