Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's On Yuki's Mind: Ex-Transgender? Serious?!

Seriously, I do not mean to tease, but I really spent a good few minutes laughing like a mad woman who came out from some hidden jungle when Edmund Smith (ex-gay ministry, RLM) started using the term ex-transgender few months back. It was just so insane thinking about it. I mean how do you EX an internal condition? How do you fix Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome? How to you cure 5-Alpha Reductase Deficiency? And how the heck do you deal with Hermaphrodism? It is so crazy that for a person who does not know differences between sex and gender, having zero knowledge on Harry Benjamin Syndrome; he would claim to be ex-transgender, without realising that gender cannot be ex-ed! It is like saying I am ex-hearted (for sex) or ex-hungry (for gender). LOL. This thingy has become a nice joke whenever I need one!


CrackerLilo said...

I don't know, Yuki. Maybe Edmund Smith is ex-intelligent, ex-decent, ex-truthful...

S. Chrissie said...

Since it seems like you are talking more about transsexuality (people like you and me), one thing to note is there are "'ex'-transsexual".

Those that transitioned and then detransitioned for various reasons. There are those that rushed through transition and ignored the obvious signs that transition isn't for them, or that they are going too fast which leads to complications. And when they reach the end, they realised they made a mistake, that this really wasn't for them. But what can they do, except to detransition, going back to their "old" life? These are probably those that are not transsexuals to begin with, but was caught up with it, fascinations, fantasies or whatever.

But then there's a problem, throughout transition, they've been convincing themselves, and everyone around them that this is who they are, a woman (for mtf). They tried hard to fight for what they want. Now they realised that it was a mistake. It would probably be shameful to admit their mistakes to others or themselves and face countless "I told you so". And I doubt most would dare to admit it. Some turned to some other way to justify their "mistakes", most popular ones would be religions. Religion cured me! The miracle that is God! Now would anyone question them? Not that much, it's God after all! Then they would go around "preaching" the words of God, on how God "delivered" them bla bla bla. Easy way out, and less humility.

And there's another type that I've observed through the readings of stories of regretful transwomen tnat became "ex-transsexual". These are the types that hold too much "hope" towards transition, thinking that transition would solve all their problems, that it's a bed of roses on the other side. But when they reached there after all the agony that they endured, they realised at the end, there isn't any so-called rainbow and sunshines or cuddly bunnies. The reality shattered their fantasies, and for some that couldn't cope with it? Well..they become "ex" or even tries suicide.

Perhaps there are more reasons for these "ex-transsexuals" to exist, but these can be said to be one of the main culprites to paint a negative picture of our community in the eyes of society.

If there were less people who actually jumped the gun and rushed to transition and even having SRS based on mere fantasies and stuff, and the regretted in the end then opted to sue the hospitals or anyone and claim that they(hospitals, therapists etc) should have stopped them from undergoing SRS. {Perhaps SRS in Malaysia wouldn't be banned that early on (Of course, SRS being banned is just the matter of time)

S. Chrissie said...

As you wish. I heard about WBT and some of the interesting scuffles that they have against WBW (womyn born womyn) so I was wondering whether you had any views about that, guess you don't then. Have a good day :)