Friday, August 14, 2009

A Lesser Malaysian?

Listening to all the recent 1Malaysia songs really get me annoyed. I mean, can I be who I am and still be part of this country? Again I stress, I have a medical condition. Unfortunately, almost zero doctors in Malaysia know anything about Harry Benjamin Syndrome or transsexualism. I am recognized as a male, even though medically I am a female, and should be recognized as one. I face some risk of rape, violence and death in this country. There is no education to inform the public about a person like me. Religion is often used as means to damn me and lead me away from what is real. Science in Malaysia has fallen so far back I do not exist yet. Then add the prejudice, bigotry and discrimination. Am I less of a Malaysian?

Yuki's Choice Reading:
Harry Benjamin Syndrome: Standard Of Care.
American Psychological Association: Transgenders.

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