Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do Not Complain If You Have Shortages In Your Blood Bank... It Is You People Who Ask Us To Stay Away... Anyway....

It is one thing for the medical field in this country to be totally ignorant and unknowledgeable about transsexualism. But with already strong three decades of research and findings on HIV/AIDS and a host of other sexually transmitted diseases, we would have thought Malaysia would know better. So when I saw an advertisement while I was having dinner at Damansara, which asked people to donate blood, some of the requirements were really ridiculous, and affirms Malaysia’s reputation of being backwards.

I run some checks in the net; it rings true through all blood donation drives. No homosexual relationships and bisexual relationships allowed. You are simply not eligible to donate blood if you are attracted to the same sex or both. Take this as an example from UM Medical Centre.

This kind of thinking, that by default, being same-sex attracted is somehow an automatic license to getting tainted blood in your body is completely stupid and archaic, and shows just how much medical professionals here know about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. That means, in their estimation, a homosexual in a monogamous relationship with a partner is liable to get diseases in a way equivalent to heterosexuals having multiple sexual partners. It also means that a bisexual person like me, who dislikes sex, have automatic dirty blood, that because of my attractions, my blood is of lesser quality than norm.

And for those homosexual women and lesbians (whom from some of my friends, most hate needles and seeing blood anyway), the only group that poses the most less risk of contracting any sexually transmitted diseases if they do have sex, are also included in this exclusive group of having instant bad blood just because they happen to be same-sex attracted. This thinking stinks of idiotic biased dogmas.

In any case, my blood is unfortunately clean as a transsexual. But I do not qualify because I am on medication. So I am happy to forget about ever donating blood. Many homosexuals I know who obsess about their health so much so that they are healthier than normal heterosexual men, and hardly have sex, well they would not bother donating blood anyway, and not that they care. The homosexual groups I know worry about diseases far more so than their hetero opposites. So, what a waste of “natural resources” for Malaysia. Thank you Malaysia for discrimination. You deserve no good blood from us.



Izad said...

I too was surprised when I first saw the restriction a couple of months ago.. however, I found out, Malaysia's not the only country that practices this. A quick check online says that the US FDA also have a lifetime ban on homosexuals donating blood

, which I found weird as WHO do not classify homosexuals among the groups that cannot donate blood.

What I DO find funny and ignorant is our local government saying that people should stay away from masturbating and performing homosexual acts to avoid H1N1. So I'm guessing hiring prostitutes on the street would be a much safer option? LOL

Yuki Choe said...

@ Izad

Oh that homo = swine flu case, it really got me thinking. I mean, that idea is crazy. Somehow I think that doctor just wants cheap publicity. And on blood donations, there is still this deep stigma that surrounds homosexuals, especially when some organizations and religious circles continue to redress homosexuals as an act rather than its true meaning on love and attraction. They then colour that dress with the unbelieavable myths. Such scare tactics created an environment that discriminates, like what you are seeing here and in the US now.

@ weng,

What? Singapore too? *pening*

@ CrackerLiko,

The scary thing is bigotry makes sense to the bigots themselves. And every action they take vindicates their own bigotry. Sick.