Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What’s On Yuki’s Mind: Someday, My Children.

If I ever adopt any children in the future, I pray they do not become Christians. I rather they seek out The Saviour on their own, realizing there is more to our existence in this lifetime. I do not wish my children to be indoctrinated into the values of Christians today because it is no longer a faith, but rather an organized religion bent on getting numbers.

I do not want them to grow up thinking they are on a proud, high and mighty scale because they are Christians. I do not hope to see them paying their own hard earned money without convictions from God but because the church coerced them too. And I do not wish for my children to learn how to hate monger against minorities in guises of love.

I also hope they do not bear false witness against their neighbours, and learn to understand and accept the differences in people instead of believing they are better than some people and they have to right to adjudge other people’s lives by claiming false authority of God. I wish one day they would be like Christ, defending the broken and the humble.

I certainly would not like to see my children grow up behaving like Pharisees, thinking they know what is best for the world instead of just surrendering it to God. And I will be in discomfort the day they hold power in a church and begin to impose their own values, interpreting the Bible as they see fit, turning themselves into idol worshippers of religion.

I just pray with all my might, that they just grow up to be believers and servants of Christ.


CrackerLilo said...

A very noisy and active sort of Christian has stolen words that used to be perfectly fine and universal: "traditional," "moral," "family", etc. Now it seems they are stealing "Christian" to define their own narrow-minded agenda, too. It's sad for other kinds of Christ-followers like yourself.

I hope you get to adopt one day!

alan said...

I have no doubt that your children will grow up wonderful human beings just because you are!


Yuki Choe said...

@ CrackerLilo

They also stole the meaning of "protecting children". They make so many vicious claims that we are a danger to children, yet it is they who indoctrinate children to hate one another... in the name of God of course.... *sigh

@ alan

That is so sweet! Thanks! :- )