Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bad Decisions With Consequences Mean I Have To Be Away.

I am facing some serious decision making processes, and may end up making radical changes in my life. I have arrived at another juncture and have to think hard which way to move next. Whatever choice I make, it will affect me deeply. Therefore, I will stop blogging for a while. I will also attempt to reduce my time on FaceBook. I am still considering two projects right now, but being in between jobs soon, the timing may not be the best. I offer my sincere apologies to my regular readers, and also commenters for my absense. If there is any help you think you want to offer to me, it would be in the form of donations (the donation box is on the right side column of this blogsite). I am tired of asking, and feel trapped ever since the previous donation thing that drained me so bad emotionally because of shame. But I need help. If you can, and want to help just help. Yuki’s Box of Chocolates has to be placed inside the refrigerator for the time being. If I survive yet again, I will be back. Thank you everyone for your love & support. Take care of you.

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Yuki Choe said...

Do not worry. I promise, I will not drop out of sight. Not while I have people to inspire me like both of you. It means a lot to me.