Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Admit, I Am A Loser To A Seven Year Old.

Her name is Jazz. She is just 7 years old. She speaks with the maturity beyond her years. Instead of being confused by her surroundings, she does not need anyone telling her who she is, she knows.

She was asked whether it is okay to be different.

Her end quote was extraordinary.

“it doesn't matter if you're having a good time and like who you are.”

While many fundamentalists may condemn her for being herself, and some may even accuse her parents of “indulging” in her “fantasies”, I applaud the courage of Jazz, and the efforts of her parents to accept her just as the way she is. How I wish I had this conviction when I was a child and never let anyone impose upon me their own dogmatic views. I wasted a good part of my years and growth because of it. And mostly, how I wish my parents impart within me the same values that Jazz's parents gave to her; to love herself. Such a value that should be shared among every trans person on this earth.

Yuki thanks Zoe Brain for having this video.

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