Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's On Yuki's Mind: Patience Is A Virtue.

I am easily annoyed these days. Every day, the bathroom is never clear for me to head straight into it to start my day and the alarm never rings enough for me to wake up and go for a jog when I seriously need a few rounds very badly. Then, I have to endure the pressure of getting potential clients into our programmes daily. These days, I am without a laptop and have to resort to using my colleague’s PCs and I am unable to get any updates about current work. It is raining everyday these days despite warnings of a dry season. Every time I go back I can expect a horrendous jam which I have the choice to evade, with the condition I agree to pay a RM2.00 toll and still get stuck on the other highway after the link, unless I am lucky enough to leave work exactly at 6pm which seldom happens. Add to that, my constant travelling for sales often fates me to meet the worst of typical Malaysian drivers. These are all real deep pains in the neck.

But, reflecting on all of these and many more irritating moments in my life, I realize that the frustrations happen for one simple reason. I am impatient. This is an obvious weakness in my life and it is reflected on how I think and feel. So this can be my training ground, to have a little PATIENCE.

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