Friday, April 16, 2010

Malaysia: The Only Country In The Civilized World Where Some States Make A Crime Out Of What You Dress.

My, my, my. When they cannot catch criminals that actually harms people, this is what some states are doing to innocent bystanders. The so-called “crime” to punish? Dressing to their real gender identity. These five ladies are ignorantly called “males” by this news piece, and Chief Inspector Azman Ariffin was mentioned as the one prosecuting them. Remember, all they were doing is wearing clothes in the gender they are comfortable with? There are no charges brought against them for prostitution, so therefore it is safe to assume they were just chilling out. So what is this Chief Inspector trying to do? Intimidate the five to become the men they are not? These "police" should know better than to make a fuss out of nothing, and catch real criminals.

Alas, this is not the first time such incidences happen. Last July, a trans woman was fined RM 25 for dressing up as who she is in Johor Bahru. There, another two trans woman were fined a total of RM 225 for simply clothing themselves as the females they are. Heavens, do these "public safety enforcers" really believe gender destiny lies in the marker on an IC or what parts some have between their thighs? Luckily, medical health professionals and peer-previewed sciences says otherwise. Unluckily, those staying in environments such as Kuantan, Pahang and Johor Baru, Johor has to face harassment and disturbances from people who do not have much education and information about gender, and they still choose to live back in the dark ages.

I suggest LGBTs boycott Pahang and Johor as destinations for holidays. I would. I shall not waste money and time, or endanger myself and risk being surrounded by a climate of prejudice against trans people.

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