Friday, June 12, 2009

An Unlikely Union.

I am not really in the mood to write these days. Surviving the probation period of my job is now a priority. After realizing the Malaysian site I write for turns out to be a leisure and puffy reading site that has nothing to do with activism and counter-voicing, I realized most of the Malaysian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual communities are not ready to speak up as citizens of this country, but will still do the odd punch up on minor issues like one radio DJ who allegedly called a lesbian “sick”, while ignoring the demonization of LGBTs in the hands the Christianist Pursuing Liberty Under Christ who is now actively going around schools and churches parroting complete rubbish about “sexual abuse” and "Gay Agenda".

One of my regular readers Alan R said something very true a few months back, no one would ever care until they are affected by the situation. And until that happens, it is all not important to them. It is for me very saddening, considering the mechanics of the ex-gay machinery is getting vile in Malaysia and no one is responding to it. Pursuing Liberty Under Christ’s nutty director Tryphena Law then successfully went on the offensive. These are some things for you to think about, coming from a recent ex-gay conference:

There is no collective voice amongst the LGBTs. There is not even a semblance of an LGBT community. However to Pastor Tryphena Law, “The Pro-Gay Movement™ is strong in Malaysia”. Why? “Many of our young people are being drawn to them”. How? She said she saw 14 girls, between the ages of 15-16, being couples, walking around at a mall in Johor, Malaysia. For most of us who see this group of girls, they were probably just hanging around after school hours, happy with who they are, minding their own business. Little did they know, Tryphena Law would use a word to describe them: “Struggling”. Wha?!. This is just a brief look at why these Christianist groups are sickos!

It really pains me to see these groups creating an enemy out of those who still remain passive with their lives, who are just being themselves and doing nothing. And the passive ones still think we should not bother them. It is like, say, look, the bees are coming to attack us! Let us do nothing! Yes, indeed most Malaysian youth would realize the ridiculous mantra that was spoken. Unfortunately, it takes only a few confused individuals justifying more attacks, some physical, towards the LGBTs. And it takes just a few LGBTs blindly going in expecting “change” and end up having their lives wasted, or trashed.

Both sides ignores the emotional and mental anguish these false views turned into ex-gay “logic” can cause those who are still in schools, and those who are still young. Who can affirm them, once the current generation of older youth are led to believe their younger LGBT friends are somewhat “broken”, “sexually abused” etc, that ultimately something is wrong with them? And for those who do not know how to use these so-called “information”, they turn to bullying. Is this what both sides of the bridge wants?

The pamphlet from that Christianist group says it clearly, “No one is born a homosexual”. There are so much lies, deception and misrepresentation attached to this sentence, and tons of ways to dismantle this crap statement. But it is useless if these false prophets continue to be allowed to disseminate such discriminative and prejudicial bullshit without any counter arguments with all the facts that already shows the real truth, and our side just sits back and do nothing but just talk about our sex and our interests and some upcoming event. What will happen thereafter? I do not know. I no longer wish to know, because I see many will leave this country anyway, giving up hope. And some, like me, would probably be left behind to endure all the things that are going to come our way. LGBT? No such thing here I guess.

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