Monday, July 18, 2011

Transsexual Woman Who Needs Gender Change On Personal Documents, Is Discriminated And Misrepresented.

I wish I can find his photo but there was none. I am talking about the picture of Judge “Justice” Mr. Mohd Yazid Mustafa, who was reported to have formally rejected the application of transsexual woman Aleesha Farhana Abdul Aziz, 26 (formerly known as Mohd Ashraf) to change her name to that of a woman, and also the gender markers to “perempuan” or female. I really want to display the judge’s photo because I need to show exactly what the face of total ignorance and bias looks like, one of third world mentality.

Two months ago when the news of Aleesha’s request broke out, Mr. Mohd Yazid claims the judgment was a difficult one to make because, quoting him, ‘it might have an impact on society’. I would ask Mr. Mohd Yazid, what kind of impact, asteroids falling into earth? Or does he think because of 1 out of 1,450 who is born with gender identity disorders causing transsexualism seeking to correct a birth defect and hopes it would be reflected on her birth certificate and identification card, society would end? To him, probably.

His excuses which was explained today, is even more ridiculous. He claims ‘there was no legal statute to grant such an application based on the factor of a sex change’. Hello? There was no legal statute to NOT grant it either. It seems Aleesha had been treated at Pantai Medical Centre here in Kuala Lumpur, so I believe she has her medical documents, but it seems that both Mohd Yazid and the other idiot, Adha Abu Bakar, seems unified in their uneducated and uninformed thinking that Aleesha’s female nature is only “external and not internal”. Furthermore, Adha claimed that there is no doctor’s report that psychologically, Aleesha is a natural woman. I say, What The F**k?! Why do I smell an obsession to sex organs here? If a female nature is external in expression, that is her gender, you f**ktards!

Mohd Yazid further shows he has total zero knowledge on gender and sex (something he shares with Adha) that Aleesha did not satisfy his poor understanding of “criteria for being declared a woman – chromosome count, and exterior as well as internal organs”. Again, What The F**k?! Someone should ask Mohd Yazid to further his studies to find out about how XY women are still women, why women with no uteruses and cervixes are still women, because he just insulted some cisgender women worldwide born with these conditions!

With his kind of medically void argument, women with breasts removed due to cancer and surgically implanted a new pair of breasts, are not women. In fact, XYY women would not be considered women to him either. I think he has a problem with women in general to make that statement. Perhaps he needs a woman with a big gaping womb that covers his face and giant breasts for him to declare her a woman. This invalidation of people’s medical condition known worldwide as Gender Identity Disorder is disturbing. Adding to that, the insistence of “The Star” newspaper journalists to be fixated with calling Aleesha with the wrong pronouns and attempted to make her a circus show, with both the article titles having the word “Man” in front.

Well, we can expect no world standard for reporting from “The Star” that has been churning out junk news for the past few weeks due to Bersih 2.0, so I doubt they would even adhere to international class guidelines such as those from Associated Press Stylebook that was updated for one sole reason - to respect transgender people, especially transsexuals. What we should expect, is a judiciary that is familiar and up to date with the medical world in regards to people living with Gender Identity Disorder. We also hope to see real judges that is learnt and informed about gender issues. Our country is severely behind in intellect and mentality, so we need judges that work based on real time information. The ultimately obtuse Mohd Yazid just does not cut it.

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Anonymous said...

Malaysian Insider also used "man" and male pronouns. Though I did commented on the article and corrected them