Monday, January 3, 2011

One Hard Malaysia.

2010 had totally been anti-1Malaysia, and our government failed to do anything about their promises of a unified nation. It had been a year that promised so much, and yet it produced more of the usual shit that we can expect from our country. There is no one left to trust, as even the opposition voices cannot be believed anymore too, as we find ourselves asking that same question – when is it going to change?!

The Home Ministry under Hishamuddin Hussein is commited to make sure they fire more tear gasses and water cannons as they yet again face dangerous threats to the nation such as – candlelight vigils and peaceful rallies. And police brutality went on for another year unchecked as more and more cases on abuse of power by the police force flood the headlines of internet news portals while as usual, the mainstream media continued to keep silent. Selvachandran was lucky it was only a couple of teeth he lost; three teenagers were shot dead Aminulrasyid style as police violence and corruption rage on.

PERKASA is still waging war against non-muslims to the extent, no matter now they word it, the meaning is still the same. They demand non-muslims be confined to second-class citizenship which in irony, we excelled while those who expected government handouts and “special” rights continue to fail in sociality and business. Their racism went unchecked, and Ibrahim Ali seemed to be invulnerable from ISA or Sedition Act as many others were threatened with it in the name of “national security” from hypocrites.

Of course, religion again was big shit news everywhere, as the year ended with the Prime Minister’s aides asking the removal of crosses, the banning of hymns with other ridiculous requests during his visit to a Christmas party. I wonder if Obama were to come, will Putrajaya then remove all Islamic religious symbols as a token of respect? After all, the incident showed a guest gets to call religious shots on the host.

There are of course many other anti-1Malaysia tales, most of it caused by government bodies themselves, but no anti-1Malaysia tale is as sickening as the case of Azwan Ismail, the editor and engineer who appeared in a video where he talks to LGBT youth to affirm them and encourage them to not to give up on life. And what did he get in return? Death threats and verbal abuse, including condemning him to hell, the very things you do not tell your LGBT youth unless you wish them to feel worthless enough to kill themselves. Again LGBTs are persecuted and misrepresented by media liars.

Whether you like it or not, LGBTs are a population of Malaysia. The citizens of this country are one with Malaysia as they are born there. Malays, Chinese, Indians and whatever skin colour should not get in the way of unity because unless we are really sick or we are aliens, our blood colours are all red. Keep religious believes to yourselves, because honestly if my lucky stone were to tell me to kill infidels and homosexuals, then I have to reflect whether it is really the lucky stone, or is it my own bias interpretation of it.

I wonder why we are not able to make things simple and just do the fundamentals of all humanity, the golden rule: do unto others what you want others to do unto you. This line transcends the many teachings of faith and religion. Unfortunately, people prefer to borrow power to fulfill their insecurities, whether it is a gun-trotting policemen or a Muslim seeking self-righteousness from God while smoking. The politics of democracy has failed to unite our nation, and the misuse and abuse of religion continues to divide us all.

Can 1Malaysia still happen? Surprisingly, a week ago it did. On the 26th of December 2010, the Malaysian national football team took on Indonesia. For two hours, 1Malaysia happened. We were one. There was no race, religion, colour, nationality, heck some of my LGBT friends were present. No one cared who the person sitting next to them was. It was the first gathering of yellow shirts that does not have RELA and police officers bombarding and tormenting the thousands. We were all together supporting our national team.

We want justice and an equal Malaysia. If the end justifies the means, then let football be our religion or party.


me the martian said...

sad but true. let's try to make some changes in the coming election. at least give the current govt a big scare as they dont/cant deliver their promises. i'm tired of lip services too.

Yuki Choe said...

Thanks for encouraging me. Nice of you to regularly drop by. Yes, we must do something to send a message to the government... that we are the actual government, and that all of us in the end are the people that belong to us.... :- )

Anonymous said...

you're very negative person, be careful that you don't turn into a transgender hypocrite. You have no compassion in your heart, it's all ego and anger that you radiate.