Monday, December 28, 2009

Ten Reasons Why Motorcycles Should Be Banned In Malaysia.

1) Some motorcyclists think they are driving cars and end up taking the middle of the lane instead of the side. They become instant contributors among major causes of the infamous traffic congestion in Malaysia!

2) Certain motorcyclists still think they own cars and love to park their little vehicle on the car parking area itself, especially around places with high car volume. And there already is not enough parking around KL!

3) The only time some of them do realize they are not driving cars, is when they weave in and out of every minutest space available between cars at ridiculous speed, and is dangerous to other people too!

4) The motorcycle remains the easiest motor vehicle to steal. Think of all the time policemen can save to work on real crimes, and also save insurance people trouble. Motorcyclists can even save for bus and beer.

5) People do not service motorbikes anymore do they? For a small machine, it is amazing they can emit smoke enough to rival the worst of Rapid KL busses. They are a major cause of pollution in the city!

6) It is great for Malaysian economy! More cars will be sold, more people pump petrol, toll plazas will get money from more cars instead of letting motorbike people through for free! For current car owners, erm...

7) All OPS SIKAP will definitely see a huge drop in road fatalities during festive seasons. We know by fact most these deaths are overwhelmingly motorcyclists. Why still let them on those potential killer toys?

8) We always complain about snatch thieves, why not take away the major equipment from the criminal’s modus operandi? Instead of asking ladies to stop flaunting handbags, how about halting motorcycling?

9) Mat Rempits will finally lose their star vehicle! They can only Rempit with a broom in their room all they want if motorbikes are banned. Hurrah! No more bike gangsters! The menace will be gone for good!

10) They are small and fast for goodness sake! Motorbikes should be banned for the owners own bloody safety. We care for them, but their majority do not even care about themselves. Away with motorbikes!


Anonymous said...

That was a stupid post, to be honest!
1. Do you think everyone in malaysia can afford a car?
2. Do you think Malaysias already overcrowded roads can handle the stress of a few million more cars?
3.Have you even vaguely heard about global warming and how cars are contributing to this? Motorcycles emit less CO2 compared to cars.
4. DO you think the world has enough fuel for every person to drive everywhere they wanna go?
5.What is to happen to the motorcycle companies and the thousands they employ?

THere are many more points i could add but i think you see the gist. Think before you post.

Rex Alvin Francis said...

Wow!! Yuki, i think it's to extreme! The reason why these (e.g:accident, and stolen motorcycle) things are happening because of the recklessness and the negligence of those involving motorcyclist..

Base of our country condition where the roads and the public transportation are not as perfect as in the developed nations, it's gonna be hard for the people especially the lower income earners to move around.

Not all people can afford a car, and the fuel price is very expensive!

I think the solutions for this government should restrict the rules and conditions that are related, also roads & public transportation should be improved..

Anonymous said...

i think the number of idiots with cars are the same as those with motorcycles

Anonymous said...

this article is just written by another arrogant car driver clearly. motorcycles have the same right to the road as any car if not more so, this is due to them emitting less co2 emissions and the fact that they do ease congestion. motorbikes also pay road tax as well as cars and cause less damage to the roads than cars. due to motorbikes paying road tax they deserve the right to take their share of the road and take a parking space.

Anonymous said...

I dont know!
Whether motor bikes should be banned or not?

Blogger said...

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