Sunday, April 7, 2019

LGBTs and Muslims: An Intersection.

Image from American Freedom Party. LGBT people are terrorized by Brunei's new law. At times in many countries, Muslims are already living in terror.

There are a lot of comments bandied about, but many are not seeing the complex issues at play here.

The lack of knowledge about LGBT issues, is equivalent to the lack of knowledge about Muslims.

The "LGBT" face brandied about by non-progressives to be of relevance in holy books such as the Quran or the Bible has no meaning to what LGBTs really mean in terms of sexual orientation nor gender identity.

And the face of "Islam" practiced by non-progressives is being taken as evidence that Muslims are backward, uncivilized and are promoting terror to get what they want, far away from the context of what Islam is teaching.

You have a brainwashing exercise that started back in the early 19th century, politicians using minorities, creating non-existent monsters with them, then proposed themselves as a solution, and misused religion or ideology to add power to such fascism. Affecting both sexual minorities and Muslims.

What is happening today affects both sides, one in increasing human rights scope, the other in increasing migration to other countries.

It is not about the fact that it happened in Brunei, in a country ruled by hypocrites who will run Sharia to all Muslims except the royalty themselves who have been living against all Islamic practices.

No, it is not merely "their country". It is now this; Brunei aims to kill citizens in the world that have done nothing wrong, one of the few extreme cases in the world where people are being murdered for simply existing being born different than what we call normal, and people are relating to that, being born lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, worldwide.

And in many countries especially in Europe, where Muslim migrants have failed to integrate into another culture, society, demanding their non-progressive values to be enshrined into the fabric of life from school to public, against the country's laws and constitution with acts of disobedience and provocation, some leading to terrorism, already has the non-Muslim world in the state of Islamophobia.

The latter is what feeds certain quarters against Muslim migrants. And how Muslims treat the former is now used as a prime example of why Muslims should be turned away. No, this is not an issue with just one small country.

It is a reflection of a much larger problem brewing. If what happened in the incident with two mosques at Christchurch, New Zealand, brought everyone to believe that ignorance can be bloody wrong and no ideology should demand supremacy, and silence haters...

... the treatment of sexual minorities in Brunei will get the same community that was once oppressed, to start oppressing their own minorities, which is why there are no shortages of non-progressive Muslims being "proud" of the association via Islam to the act of terror by the Brunei sultanate against sexual minorities.

Just as some fascists read the Christchurch terrorist's manifesto with pride. Just as many countries are rejecting, even ejecting, Muslims from their own homes, some by force like what is happening in Palestine.

Just as some fascists are continually shouting on the pulpits in the United States, even in Malaysia, creating the illusion of evil in the face of innocent lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people, resulting in unjust punishments, all the way to the murder proposition.

No, this is not about one country. It is about the LGBT and the Islam community as a whole worldwide. When you go arms up against a minority, remember that in another country, people are going arms up against you.

Do you know, homosexuality, and transgenderism, actually existed long before religion did, and at those times, no one bothered them, because they are recognized as part of the diversity of what makes us human?

Do you know what back in the beginning of Islam, the civilization was responsible for the advancements of science and mathematics, giving birth to algorithm and alchemy, and were world leaders in philosophy?

How wonderful life could be if we live and let live, and progress. Unfortunately, it is so much easier to hate, than to love one another. Because the biggest sins are not worshipping the right god or being attracted to the same sex. It is to worship 'another god', and to kill.