Wednesday, June 8, 2016

#00 Changes And Reboot

This blog has been neglected and untouched for years. Sliding through the cobwebs of what used to be my ranting space, I have grown. I have new interests and projects. I no longer attach myself with the transgender umbrella. The flames of anger in me have been subdued by an ocean of calm.

Currently as a former transgender advocate and ex-Christian, my soul is liberating. Of course, there is still the pain watching the community shoving themselves into a cage of victimhood while their choir awards them for it, and the embarrassment with regrets of having years of a personal relationship with an inexistent being.

But there are always headways when one detaches from labels to take their place as an active member of society, and owning responsibility for oneself without approval from anyone. My passions and zest for life is growing. I am now into my 40s by number, but my spirit is only reaching its 30s. My physical and mental health are torn by circumstances, yet still underused and fresh enough to restart and continue facing life.

The past few years hurt me, but healing will come, and such refinements build stronger characters. I have lost friends and gained new ones, while some have been with me for many years, others who have been around for decades have sadly left my life. My priorities have changed and so has my environment. Now, I only do things that matter. I no longer identify as anything other than another survivor of our planet.

I have lots I wish to share to the world, and experiences I hope will help edify somebody; I know I have to start expressing through writing again. After a few jump starts, I am feeling ready. Welcome to my renewed box of hope and love to you.

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